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Our labour Cllrs are fiddling while Haringey burns


  Democracy, accountability and transparency are always important but even more so at a time of pandemic, vast job losses and growing poverty, particularly among BAME people.  This Council may have a number of women and black Cllrs but their politics are definitely blue-ish.  Take one example.  Last Thursday, (July 9), the planning sub-committee including the likes of so-called lefties like Cllrs Yvonne Say, Sarah Williams and Reg Rice voted to approve a planning application in Wood Green on the old petrol filling station site on Mayes Road, (opposite Iceland and next to the Mall).  The plan is to build a 9 storey block with about 75 homes, only 3 of which are at social rent and 8 at London Affordable Rent with segregated blocks - different blocks for the private part - and all the flats that are wheelchair accessible will be in the private block.  Despite over 47 objections during the public consultation and objections in the meeting, pointing out that the application breached the Equality Act 2010 on grounds of both race and disability and there was no Equality Impact Assessment (not that Haringey ever does those properly), Cllrs Williams (Chair of meeting) and Say and Rice voted for the proposal.  Cllrs Tabois and Bevan made some excellent points and voted against, as did one Lib Dem Cllr. The planning application would have failed if only Cllrs Williams, Say and Rice had voted against but they did not, once again failing to take account of equalities issues and failing to represent their constituents.  In the meeting it was stated that current Haringey policy is to have housing segregated by tenure - a classic social cleansing policy left over from Kober and Co.  It seems whatever faction of the Haringey Labour Party takes power, it is working class and BAME people who lose out.  A curse on both your factions.


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