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No Bull that Haringey was the worst council in London for distributing business support grants but improved performance after cutting the number of target recipients

The government is publishing information on the progress of local councils in paying out the provided coronavirus crisis support funding to businesses.

The performance table is available at:

The table shows the total funding the council has received and the amount it has paid out; and how many businesses are expected to be recipients and how many grants the council has made.

Three tables have been published on 22nd and 27th April, and 4th May 2020.

The first table on the 22nd April revealed that Haringey was the worst performing council in London in paying out grants to businesses. It had paid out to 719 businesses, being 12% of the stated 5,947 in scope for support.

In comparison to Haringey's 12%, the 22nd April table reveals that Hackney had made payments to 42%, Enfield to 63%, Waltham Forest to 30%, and Islington to 72% of those eligible. Haringey was not just the worst in London, but it also ranked 293rd out of 316 councils.

By the 27th April table, Haringey had improved performance to 29.1% having paid 1,296 businesses out of a target of 4,449.

In the 4th May table Haringey had improved to 44.6% having paid 1,906 grants against a target of 4.266.

Do note that Haringey has shifted the goalposts twice and this has the effect of improving performance. On 20th April the number of 'in scope' businesses was 5,947 and by 27th April was cut by 1,489 to a new figure of 4,449. In latest figures the number 'in scope' is 4,266, a further drop of 183.

Meaning that Haringey originally over-claimed the number of businesses eligible by 1,681. Maybe Cllr Gideon Bull can explain how he got it wrong by 28%?

Haringey received £56.3m to distribute, and so far has paid out:

22nd April - £12.1m (21.5%)
27th April - £21.2m (37.7%)
4th May - £31.7m (56%}

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Comment by Adrian Essex on May 12, 2020 at 11:17

I had a longish debate on Facebook on this very topic. I have put this post on Twitter

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