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London Concrete are back for more - Public Meeting

In March 2017 London Concrete submitted a planning application to lift restrictio...
A consultation letters sent to residents had very little details on the extent or impact the application would have.

Consultation Ends on the 18th April 2017 

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Public Meeting

This Wed 12th April 2017 7:30

Honsey Vale Community Centre 


London Concrete got planning permission after an appeal public enquiry with over 40 conditions imposed on the development including included caps of the level of operations Vehicle movement, number of trucks on site, number of cement deliveries, level of noise dust and more. Now 6 years after they start operating their batching plant in Cran...

In their application London Concrete admits they’ve been operating at the capacity they are applying for, for some times. Find out what is the current level of traffic generated by London Concrete, What is their growth rate and what can we expect it to be by 2020 if this goes unchecked


Total Truck movement at % yearly growth rate 
Year Measured traffic 50% 75% 100%
2011 70 (permitted)      
2017 220 (current level) @50% growth a year 220 220 220
2018   330 385 440
2019   495 674 880
2020   740 1179 1760

Read All about it here

  • What are the changes London Concrete applies for?
  • Does London Concrete abide by the conditions put on them so far?
  • What is the current level of traffic generated by London Concrete?
  • When enough is enough?
  • Complaint Department
  • Consultation

Consultation Ends on the 18th April 2017 

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Comment by Adrian Essex on June 16, 2017 at 20:32
Comment by Anony Pony on April 18, 2017 at 19:13

You seem to suggest we object to aggregate being delivered by rail - that is not the case!

This argument is long gone as there is no chance in hell LC would leave or that it is a realistic outcome!

The issue is mitigating the impact their operation have! More capacity generate more Traffic - Noise - Dust - etc.

The conditions put on them were supposed to deal with that however they disregard them all and their presence is very much felt in many areas for different reasons.

Uplands road is very much effected by the noise they generate,  in other areas the dust and stones from their spills are starting to have an effect on people's health and damage to their cars and houses.

In the meeting people were talking of elevated Asthma figures in St Mary's where many of LC vehicles must pass (I can not confirm it, but see no reason why people would invent it) 

What I can say is this - if there was no impact people will not be so fired up about it!

Mitigation conditions and enforcement are key!

Comment by Adrian Essex on April 17, 2017 at 18:29

I think a deeper understanding of percentages and how compounding works would get you bakc to 22%.

But - suppose you somehow prevent London Concrete from moving the material that arrives on trains. The growth in construction will happen anyway. So the material (the makings of concrete) will arrive anyway. By lorry. So you will have made the situation worse by preventing the carriage of concrete by train. Simply objecting is not the answer. A solution is needed that reduces the rate of growth of concrete use, or that finds ways of transporting it , not by lorry.

Comment by Anony Pony on April 17, 2017 at 13:58

The growth rate is calculated at 300% over 6 years since the plant opened - by their own admission on the application.

I make that average yearly growth rate of 50%

Projecting 3 years forward to 2020 with growth rate of 50% is modest estimate in my view.

The 100% as top end possibility is presented because the expected construction growth in both Haringey and London as a whole with demolition and rebuild of whole wards of estates could very easily push their growth to that level! See haringey #HDV plans to demolish and rebuild Northhumberland park parts of Tottenham and Wood Green. However Haringey is not unique - the same is happening everywhere else.

London Concrete is not just operating in Haringey they can and probably do deliver concrete to anywhere in a 2hr drive radius! 

I am sorry to say 100% growth is unfortunately a very realistic prospect. 

But even if they only grow at current rate of 50% a year in 2023 6 years from now if permitted we can see 1760 vehicle movement a day!

Attending the public meeting were over 50 local people 95% of whom  where NOT part of the original campaign. All were complaining of a variety of impacts which GreenN8 warned about in 2006 during the public inquiry.

Before the public meeting I went back to read the appeal decision with the 43 conditions put on the permission of this development - I am sorry to have to say this but London Concrete DO NOT ADHERE TO ANY OF THEM!

If anyone in interested in the details and want to read it for themselves please visit http://greenn8.org.uk/category/campaigns/london-concrete 

Comment by Adrian Essex on April 11, 2017 at 21:48

Those growth figures need some justifying. 70 - 220 is in 6 years is only  about 22% p.a.

50% p.a. would take you to about 800 this year. And what justification is there for including 100% p.a. Who is claiming this rate of growth 

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