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Here's the link to my blog. It's aboutthe beautiful and surprising natural wonders to be found at the Meadow Orchard, a large site which has recently been leased from the NHS to Crouchenders for 29 years. The Meadow Orchard is behind the Hornsey Health Centre.

Because it was undisturbed for 20 years or more and is surrounded by open spaces such as the cricket fields, it has developed a mozaic of 5 habitats supporting a large variety of trees, fabulous grassland (13 types of grass) birds (eg green woopeckers), rare Yellow Meadow Ants and much more.


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Comment by Mary Hogan on September 5, 2011 at 20:38

Hi Adrian, Thanks! I'm delighted to hear you have a water feature in your garden, that's fab for wildlife, a whole new habitat in fact. Sorry to hear about your newts. I have not ever seen a newt - orange underbelly! - I'm going to start a vigil down at the railway fields ponds in hope of seeing some.

I will probably be leading some more nature tours in the meadow soon, so I'll advertise on your site.

No we never did sort out that problem re uploading the survey. Any advice welcome



Comment by Adrian Essex on September 5, 2011 at 18:14

Mary - Thanks for adding this blog - the Meadow Orchard sounds delightful. I've had some successes in the garden this year - my water lilies started blooming in May and this weekend there were still a couple of flowers out. I did have something of a disaster though with the newts.

Have you sorted out your technical problem with survey mentioned in this blog? We have had to learn quite a lot about Ning to run this site.

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