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We've had visitors this week (my parents-in-law). They spend all day but don't stay overnight with us, so I'm responsible for lunch, and frankly, I don't cope very well. I prepare almost nothing, everything is shop bought and ready made (apart from one lunch at the Queen's).

So the day they arrived  I'd ordered some cupcakes from Bittersweet. These were delivered very early, as part of the school run, and I was still in my pyjama shorts when I answered the door, so we concentrated on the cupcakes, which looked delicious and were very well presented - the pic does not so them justice. Everyone's rating of them though did do them justice - they taste as good as they look. Item 1 in my food armoury for the week - cupcakes.


Bittersweet cupcakes

Sally's fairy cakes

Later in the morning friend Sally came to visit bearing gifts - including some fairy cakes with the centre hollowed out and filled with Jam and Cream - less beautifully presented (tupperware, tinfoil and an old Dunn's bag), but nevertheless delicious. Armoury item 2.

Next up was a trip to buy some savoury stuff - I can get by eating nothing but cake, but the more conventional among us demand balance. I confess I went to Waitrose, because their sushi is ready made, reasonably priced and good enough. Loads of sushi and quite a few wraps with various fillings make item 3. NB its not cheap relying on ready made.

Day2 - That lot got me through the day, and given that I'm not good at estimating quantities, there was quite a lot leftover for the next day's lunch, and I cooked a quick pasta thing for supper.

Day 3 - Next day was a doozy - by the time evening came I had done no food planning whatsoever, so my day's diet consisted of slightly out of date sushi and wraps and cupcakes, with a fish and chip supper. Scientifically proven to provide all the calories and bacteria the over weight slob needs in his life. Excellent, but wait, we can do better.

Day 4 - Next day I am thinking of taking a bit more care of the guests and other family members, so they get sandwiches from Gail's for lunch. They all loved them, because the fillings are interesting and the bread is sweet. And I was pleased to get change from £20, for four sandwiches(!). For supper the family cooked themselves little pasta parcels with stuff in, that I've never really been keen on, so pursuing my hatred of waste my supper comprised - last week's ham, some still edible grapes, a couple of slices of warmed up in the microwave walnut bread and a cold piece of cod left over from last night, enhanced with some sloe jelly that Sally made earlier in the year, from which I had to scrape only the tiniest patch of mould. Stunning combinations of flavours, and for a determined user up of leftovers, utterly satisfying.

The visitors brought us 3lbs of tomatoes grown in their greenhouse,so  I can definitely feel the onset some tomato and what-we've-got-left-in-the-fridge ketchup. w-w-g-l-i-t-f is at the time of writing 3 slightly wrinkly peppers, flat leaf parsley, thyme and basil. It'll be good. 

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