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Outings on my motor cycle and age weighted athletics results

I'm still not doing many miles on my motor bike so not long ago I set off on it to have a look at a couple of parks where there are parkruns. Finsbury Park is very convenient for me, I can jog over to it before the run, but it does have some killer hills on the 5k route, indeed I'd go so far as to say there are no flat bits, and climbing the steep one twice, once on each lap, must add considerably to the time taken. So I set off to look elsewhere for somewhere flatter, with a view to…


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A quick food blog

I went to Morley's the Butcher (23 Broadway Parade) on Tuesday, I think it was. I bought veal fillet, chuck steak and rump tips. Now I'm just a beginner at this cooking lark so I wasn't sure what to do with all these things. I asked my question out loud and the lady from the autistic children's charity shop suggested stir fry for the rump tips (no, not that loud, she was buying meat too).…


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On the origins of the 2008 financial crisis

This isn't a local issue – more of a global one, that I post here only because I think we may get close to some of the origins of the financial crisis that is causing such widespread disruption. These are the view's of one man, a Moody's insider.


I've just come across this submission of just a few days ago, to the Securities and Exchange Commission by a former Moody's…


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Happy Feet: the lost Emperor Penguin: live feed

When the lost Emperor Penguin waddled ashore at Peka Peka beach north of Wellington, NZ, he had little idea it would cause world attention.


"Happy Feet" started to eat sand, thinking it a good substitute for snow, to cool down. Big tummy ache. Operation performed by Wellington's top gastroenterologist.


Here's a live link to Happy Feet, continuing to recover…


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N8 T-Shirts

Today I'm wearing my all-time favourite t-shirt, a red one with this on it:



I got it in Portobello Market, of all places, about five or six years ago. It's getting a bit faded already, and there are several holes in one side, so I have just been doing a quick bit of googling to see if I could buy a replacement. The tags were cut out of my one…


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Mid life crisis - I might not grow out of it

There are two aspects to my ongoing crisis I can confess to today - my bike and my athletics.

The bike is still a source of pleasure to me - it looks much more impressive than it actually is, and my familiarity with it is increasing, though only very slowly. I've had insurance on it now for about 4 weeks, in which time I've travelled about 30 miles. Owning a motor bike was always much more just an idea than actually a need for transport. I've managed to mix up the types of miles a…


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Stroud Green Residents Association newsletter


Stroud Green Residents Association has published its Summer newsletter:



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Forum Ownership

I've stopped a couple of times lately to think about the ownership of a forum.

By writing this I am admitting ownership.

The first time was when a correspondent asked me if I was the owner of OpinioN8 and went on to ask "Do you think a photo of the owners with their biography and motivation, to welcome new members like me, so we know who we're dealing with and why, is mandatory?"

The second time was when I attended a …


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Summer goes with a Swing

Ah June, not so much busting out all over but forcing us to run for cover.  We seem to have spent a lot of time indoors this month, snapping our fingers at raindrops and hoping that the roof wouldn’t spring any more leaks.  The May Gala to celebrate Spring Bank holiday in Stationer’s Park was a little damp towards the end but the children very much enjoyed painting a tipi and making hand decorated wings.  There were jams, chutneys and a colourful assortment of knitted items for sale and…


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Board Rigid

MANY will be aware of the long-term issues at our major Charitable Trust nearby. The problems of the un-reformed council committee known as Alexandra Palace "Trust Board" may be summarised thus:


  • Lack of continuity and long-term vision
  • High turnover of chair and Board members
  • Highly politicised…

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Parliamentary Select Committee on effects of the Gambling Act (2005)

PLEASE note that if anyone wants to make submissions to this Inquiry, they need to do so by this Thursday.

More information here.

Added by Clive Carter on June 27, 2011 at 20:10 — 1 Comment

Mid life crisis continued

I am now the proud owner of  a Honda CBF125. An earlier blog sets out how I come to be a motor bike owner. Not only am I a proud owner but I have also thoroughly enjoyed the process of acquiring the bike.

The search for a…


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STALL4ALL – an opportunity for local growers, makers and producers!


STALL4ALL – an opportunity for local growers, makers and producers!

If you  have surplus fruit or veg from your allotment/garden, produce small quantities of food at home - pots of jam, cakes etc. or are a local producer of  arts and crafts, read on!   From June 30th, you’ll be able to sell these direct to the public on the Thornton's Budgens Stall4All outside both stores in Belsize Park and Crouch End!

Thornton’s Budgen’s, in collaboration…


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The Pig Face Scares Me....

....it does though.

I set my avatar as Betty Blue Eyes (animatronic pig) just because....she's my current wallpaper on twitter (because I've shot her and seen the show and I love her!) and also because the default avatar is a pig face. But it's (the default) a scary pig face - it is A Very Sinister Pig.


Please could either of the following happen...?


1. the default is changed to something less disturbing


2. everyone on here changes…


Added by CalamityJane65 on June 5, 2011 at 22:39 — 4 Comments

The Portable Bookshop

the portable Bookshop is a pop up bookshop that can be set up in venues around Crouch End and provide all the things a proper bookshop can....it is a project done in conjunction with the Big Green Bookshop, myself and the Unlibraryour regular venues are so far.... Devonshire House pub, wednesdays 2-9pmBudgens, thursdays 11am-6pm

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Winners or losers - right or wrong - a sense of perspective

What is right and what is wrong depends a lot on your vantage point, as in the cliche "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter". A couple of things have cropped up this weekend to…


Added by Mac Heath on May 17, 2011 at 0:23 — 3 Comments

A busy Spring with Art, Elderflowers and Pop Up Shops

We’ve had a busy few weeks in the Cupcake household and have seen the season change from wintery gloom to almost full on summer.  The blossoming days of Haringey in bloom were magical and we enjoyed walking round N8 with cherry petals in our hair like wedding confetti.  We’ve seen and celebrated the royal wedding, witnessed the crops of purple bags appearing in Crouch End with the arrival of Veolia, the new council waste management team and watched forlornly as the iconic fort was dismantled…


Added by CrouchEnd Cupcake on May 11, 2011 at 10:30 — 2 Comments

Mid life crisis? CBT / Harley Davidson

No it can't be that, I'm past middle life, into my 60s fast approaching adolescence. So I went last week to my Compulsory Basic Motor Cycle Training, provided by courtesy of Haringey Council Tax Payers to make the roads safer. Slightly perverse logic that gets me out on the road on a motor bike to make the roads safer! Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the training. At my time of life new skills are trickier to pick up than when younger, though…


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...nate; being a Useful Resource for OpinioN8






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More Words

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a go at carelessness in writing, and at the deliberate misuse of words to create the illusion of something that actually was not true.

Today its a similar set of themes, but relates to the misuse of language in a way that prevents us thinking accurately. All of these have cropped up repeatedly in recent days. 

I was pleased to note that Haringey has put up CPZ signs …


Added by Adrian Essex on April 16, 2011 at 0:00 — 2 Comments

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