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How to use Twitter with OpinioN8

Automated OpinioN8 Tweets

OpinioN8 is closely linked to Twitter - it has its own identity, timeline and followers, which you can see here. The Twitter identity is @OpinionN8 - which unfortunately has a double 'n' because someone else already has OpinioN8. 

Every time a member of OpinioN8 adds a new discussion, blog, event or photo to the site an automated link adds a Tweet to this timeline, something like this:

Clearly this adds greatly to the exposure of each item.

Tweets are not generated for each response or comment once an item exists. 


How can you increase the visibility of your OpinioN8 items on Twitter?

At the foot of each item there is a group of icons:

If you click on the twitter link, then OpinioN8 will create a tweet in your own account. If you are not logged in to Twitter or have not authorised this to be posted then you will be asked for permission. The tweet will then appear in your timeline like this:

OpinioN8 formulates the first part of the tweet as far as the abbreviated hyperlink. The remaining characters are free for you to complete.

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