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I have just been to Spiazzo again (the third or perhaps the fourth time). 

Three of us sat at one of the few tables for four under the outside awning just after 9, the official opening time. A scruffy unkempt bearded man arrived and asked us to move! He then proceeded to spray insecticide onto the bush by our table, grumbling the while about not being open until 9. As far as I saw he sprayed very few of the  other bushes, just the one by our table. Having sprayed it from our side he went around to the other side and sprayed vigorously towards us. I raised my voice, but he seemed unabashed. 

Someone from inside the café did speak to him and he moved away. A waitress laid the table next to ours over the top of the substantial layer of insecticide.

You just can't get the staff!

My coffee was OK.


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This does not surprise me one bit. They are almost comically rude in that place.

I can't believe that place is still going, the food is awful. 

I would welcome a Strada there to be honest.

I remember when Spiazzo opened, the owner said he was here 'to bring civilisation to Crouch End' - very arrogant thing to say, especially as he's actually managed the opposite. I know a couple of our local independent restaurant/ cafe owners were sniffing round the place when it was up for grabs, but were put off by its lack of A1 - not something Spiazzo troubled themselves about. I It's a real shame that that brilliant site is being run by such a bunch of fundaments.

The owner once sidled up to one of my friends and asked in very crude terms whether she was going to sleep with her boyfriend that evening.  Revolting behaviour.  I also had some terrible chips there once and when I complained I was told they were bad potatoes.  So why bloody well serve them?! 
People go back because it's nice to sit outside.  I don't imagine they would choose it if they had to sit inside, which incidentally seems to have squashed a lot more seats inside since they refurbished.  Having said that, those little booths are actually very comfortable, if only the food and service wasn't so rubbish.

Spiazzo began as a food hall and the owner has gradually morphed into a very large restaurant. As the the size of the establishment has increased so have the prices while the service and food has deterorated.

Just had the worst club sandwish I have ever had. The staff adopt that silly passive aggressive smarmy attiude that is Italian service at its worst. Avoid except for an iok cappuccino.


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