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I have been in Spiazzo as far as I can recall twice. On the first occasion the decking outside had just been found to be in contravention of the planning laws, and there was quite a movement to raise a petition in favour of having the council simply allow the decking to go unchallenged. Based on the dirty looks and sense of aggression when I did not simply sign, but asked questions, I assumed that Spiazzo was immensely popular. It certainly ought to be - I imagine they are paying through the nose for pride of place beside our village green - I hope they are, I think we the taxpayers are their landlords. And given that they are in pride of place they ought to be highly recommendable and a credit to Crouch End.

However, there do seem to be some rumblings about the place. These two tweets were addressed to OpinioN8's twitter stream today


steveash2@OpinionN8 @N8CrouchEnd Is it just me or does the service in Spazio, Crouch End, suck? Lovely food but so damn surly with customers.1:45pm, Jun 12 from Twitter for Android


melinkylonglegs@steveash2 @opinionn8@n8crouchend I thought Italians generally loved children? Not in Spiazzo. A big mismatch with their customer base.9:54pm, Jun 12 from Twitter for iPhone


And this thread contains a couple of comments along the same lines.

I do hope Spiazzo won't take this in the wrong spirit, but will treat our comments as helpful suggestions. 


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They have a new waitress who was absolutely lovely to me the other day.  I did have Daisy with me though and she's an instant crowd pleaser!  It's such a lovely space in the summer though, it would be a shame if they didn't work on their customer service - is there anyway of getting some feedback to them?  Would they care?


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