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Belgique is the Belgian cafe/restaurant that has replaced Pick More Daisies on Crouch End Hill.  I was in the mood for eggs benedict yesterday and remembered that I'd had something vaguely nice there a few months before.

We ordered Eggs Benedict Double Up which promised two crumpets (?) with a poached egg, bacon and hollandaise sauce.  This sounded OK - not quite what I understand the dish to be, but pleasant all the same.

For the staggering sum of £8.90 I received two dry crumpets with two pieces of hard, dry bacon, topped with two solid poached eggs and just about a teaspoon of lurid jellified cold hollandaise sauce from a packet, perched on top of the rubber eggs. They were garnished with an under ripe tomato and some yellowing rocket.

My cup of tea was a pot of warm water to pour over a tea bag.

Two eggs benedict, one cappuccino, one cup of tea and one croissant for Isabelle cost £24.00.

The waitress was very attentive and gave the children lots of extra biscuits but not quite 24 quids worth.

For Sunday brunch it was ominously empty with one other couple sawing through dry crumpets on the table opposite.

The cakes looked toothsome but pricey.  I can't say I'll be hurrying back.



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I am an Eggs Benedict virgin. The closest I have got to Eggs Benedict is hearing Frasier and Niles ordering them. I guess the bowler hat logo is Poirot? A very famous but imaginary Belgian. TWENTY FOUR QUID for one and a half breakfasts!


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