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Dear Adrian ,

Haringey Council are currently running a consultation on proposed changes to parking and permit charges across the borough.

Details of the consultation were initially sent by email to residents who had previously registered for a permit, however the charges are likely to impact many more residents than this, as the proposals also include changes to visitor permits and pay and display parking.

We believe that it is important that all residents get to have a say on this consultation, not just those on Haringey's mailing list, so would encourage you to share the details of this consultation widely.
Click here to have your say
The proposed changes include:
  • Parking permits – a £10 increase across all existing parking permits.
  • Additional parking permits – A £50 surcharge on second and subsequent permits.
  • Diesel fuelled vehicles – An £80 surcharge for all diesel fuelled vehicles.
  • On-street pay-to-park and off-street car parks – a 25% surcharge to on-street pay-to-park areas and off-street car parks.
  • Visitor permits – households would be limited to no more than two daily visitor permits at any one time. Daily visitor permits would increase to £4 across all CPZ areas.  A concessionary rate discount of 50% will be applied to the visitor permit charge for those aged 65 or over, or if registered disabled.
  • Disabled Blue Badge Holders – a free residential permit for Disabled Blue Badge Holders to replace the companion badge scheme and the requirement to display that permit.
  • Administration Fee for parking permit refunds – a £20 administration fee on processing parking permit refunds and that visitor scratch cards become non-refundable.
Following the announcement of the consulation by Haringey Council there was a large amount of confusion and questions regarding some of the proposed changes. For example what did it mean that "households would be limited to no more than two daily visitor permits at any one time"?

We have been raising these questions with the council, and they have now published a follow-up FAQs page that aims to answer these.
View the consultation frequently asked questions
The statutory consultation has been running from 3 June, and will close in just over a week on Wednesday 24 June, so we would recommend submitting your comments as soon as you can.

Click the button below to find out more and respond:
Find out more & submit your consultation comments
If you would like to raise any queries regarding this, or any other matter, then you can do so either directly with myself by replying to this email, or through your local ward councillors. Details of the Lib Dem councillors in Haringey can be found here.

Yours faithfully,
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Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison
Haringey Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Transport & Liveable Neighbourhoods
luke.cawley-harrison@haringeylibdems.org | www.haringeylibdems.org
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