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If you did not get your choice of primary school for this September, I had an idea for a "home schooling" group as a contingency whilst sitting out the waiting lists for suitable places.  I can't be one of the only Crouch End Mums in the borough who received a stupid offer, miles away, from our local authority.

A friend of mine with twins has been offered two places at different schools so the local authority obviously have their clever little thinking caps on for these outcomes.

I have posted this over on Harringay Online too as there is much concern over places for this year and how to go about the application process next year on this thread.


"For those worried about their primary places for this year, this is the body of an email I sent out to the parents of children at my daughter's nursery over the tracks in Crouch End this morning, so worried am I about not having a sensible place for my daughter. 

If any parents on here are in a similar position, do let me know as we could probably accommodate a small group of "home schoolers" until our places come up.  I shall be posting on OpinioN8 as well for the N8 lot. Lest anyone pick up on any anti-Tottenham vibe, this is not the case. 

There are some fabulous schools within the area and I wouldn't have hesitated to send her to Chestnuts for example, but not a just scraping by primary in a difficult area.


Sorry people, it's me again.

I wondered how many of you have been offered a ridiculous school way out in the borough?  Mel (Paloma's mum) and I have been offered places 2-3 miles away in Tottenham so obviously we won't be sending our girls there.

Contingency Plan

I am categorically not sticking Isabelle into Tiverton, a school over 2 miles away in a community that she neither understands nor knows whilst we sit out a waiting list for one of our chosen schools.  My only option is then to home school.  I wondered if others were in the same position and would like to collaborate on becoming teachers for a day/session during the first weeks of term?

My thought was that we could hire or find a space for the small group of children we know not to have places (could extend this if we know others in the same position) and devise a teaching plan for the first month or so and attempt to home school them between us until we get places we are happy with (should we not have them in September).  

I'm reliably informed that places usually come up within 3 weeks but even if it took until Christmas, this shared effort would work out better and cheaper than forking out for a private school which I definitely can't afford.  

I was thinking of block booking a small room in Hornsey Vale CC or another similar space.  If we all chipped it, I don't think the cost would be exorbitant.  I was thinking that if we shared the teaching responsibilities (say one day or half a day each for the week) it would not be so difficult on those who work outside the home.

Is this something you might consider or is it a crackers idea?  I don't like the idea of teaching Isabelle at home alone as she'll be bored and lonely and more likely, won't listen to a word I say!  At this stage it's about sociability and learning to read and write, we're not coaching them for Oxbridge!

Would be glad of any thoughts."

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I can comment that there certainly used to be some home schooling activity in the area; there was a group consisting of parents from N. London who used to meet up, in good weather, once a week at Highgate Woods playground.

You might want to contact some of the home schooling groups; try a notice in Hornsey library.


It is also true that there can be a lot of movement on waiting lists. I happen to know about one school -Ashmount, just over the border in Islington which was oversubscribed last year wit a waiting list, but in the event a significant proportion of the waiting list got offers.

Thank you David, that is a great suggestion and should it come to home schooling, I will certainly investigate other groups in the area.  It's good to know I'm not alone!  I'm busy launching an appeal at the moment so fingers crossed home schooling will be a last resort.
And make sure you are on the waiting lists for all the schools within a reasonable distance;  and remember that if you are near a Borough boundary like Barnet, or Camden, or my own, Islington -always possible in this general area - that you can go on the waiting lists of schools outside Haringey. And does not affect your appeal prospects.
Excellent, thank you.  I shall do that.


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