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. . . who is the fairest of them all - you, perhaps if you get your nails done. Mirror, mirror / ChaRene

Mirror, mirror moves on to Penton St Islington after 25 years in Crouch End. Cha Rene Nail Spa opens in what was a convenience store. We must count up to see the pecking order - I'd guess coffee shops predominate, estate agents next , restaurants, nail bars, then artisan bakeries. I did start a list of independent shops in Crouch End, but I think it has now been overtaken by my indolence and the ravages of time

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I feel bad saying this, but ChaRene is a complete eyesore.

I'm very torn. It's great to have new businesses, but this is just a day-glo explosion of light, which sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle of Heirloom, Bar Esteban and Urban Flower Co.

Still though, with Mirror Mirror and Jealous gallery both shutting down within a few days of each other (and VERY slow movement on the Rocking Chair Cafe, Rock Around the Clock, Pizza Bella, Bouga and Fat Cat Bistro) I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

With the Picturehouse and Arthouse slowly bringing Tottenham Lane back to life, I do hope Park Road doesn't suffer as a result.

I don't think Jealous is shutting down? Their closing down signs on the window have a small "NOT" written in sharpie before the 'closing down'.

Yes, I don't think Jealous is shutting down, however does anyone know what is happening to Dandy Candies? It's been closed the last couple of days and it's website is down.

Jealous also has a 0% sale, and a "Come In we're closed" sign. GSOH?

I agree, CheRene is an eyesore and just doesn't fit in. What was the owner thinking?

Have the Rocking Chair Café and Rock Around the Clock been leased? I did see somebody cleaning up inside Rock Around the Clock over the week-end.

I agree - and the name is dreadful too. Has the owner never noticed what the rest of Crouch End is like? Or perhaps we are just being a bit snobbish?

I noticed it today and was quite shocked at the appearance. And name. That looks like something that would open on Green Lanes. And that's not a compliment ( I used to live there and hated it). Re naming it ChavRene is so tempting...
I think theres action inRock Around the Clock and Fat Cat, but Rocking Chair, Bouga and Pizza Bella appear like lost causes. Not sure what's going on with Dandy Candies, but with no sign in the window and a relative lack of customers, one can't help but fear the worst. Really hope it's not another one to add to the lengthening list. lots of love, Eeyore

Dandy Candies is still on the Martyn Gerrard website  as are several other crouch end shop properties to let (if the link doesn't work put n8 in the search box and change 'Let' to 'Yes'. It's a fairly depressing list.

I think the Dandy Candy shop was never profitable but was a base for making up party bags.

Dandy Candies has officially gone by the looks, with Little Paris also being emptied out. Does someone know something we don't? A radioactive leak?

Little Paris is just changing hands, not shutting down.

This was on their Facebook: 

Thank you!
2015 is bringing new changes at Little Paris Shop. Nicolas who have been the interior designer of the shop and the manager will look after the shop from now on!
Little Paris was opened in December 2009.
I ( Helene ) have had a magical time in these past 5 years but for personal reason, it is now time for me to move back to Paris.
This change would make it difficult for me to continue running the shop however I will be back in the UK regularly for my new job and i will still help Nicolas to run the Shop.
Thank you to all my lovely customers. It's been a great journey and I know that Nicolas and the team that you know will be here to serve you "à la francaise". "Longue vie" to Little Paris and thank you Nicolas to have accepted this big challenge.

Definitely partitions being moved in Rock Around the Clock, though the gentleman moving them did not know what would happen next


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