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I was told earlier this week that at a local event most of the people present did not know who will be moving in to the Hornsey Town Hall. Almost everyone knows that the building has been neglected for years. A .lot will know that there have been various local campaigns to bring the building back into use. Some will know that the London Borough of Haringey has gradually been withdrawing from Crouch End as an administrative centre for many years now. TV addicts will know that the Town Hall has been the increasingly spooky setting for the gothic crime drama "Whitechapel", and the period piece about the BBC called "The Hour".

Apparently, though, there is still some ignorance about who is to become the new tenant of the Hall. Given that the project is now several years in the making; that engineering investigations into the fabric of the building are well advanced; that the rent and the length of the tenancy have been decided and that architects have been appointed, surely every Crouch End resident should know what is going on. That some do not is surely a reflection of the secretive approach adopted by the project team. Of course, OpinioN8 readers are among the best informed in the area. Nevertheless, please complete the small Mcquestionnaire in the right hand panel. 

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