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What has happened to our railings on the Broadway? Most of them have disappeared sometime over the last few days. As a resident of over 30 years, now with some mobility problems, I found them extremely useful to rest against when out shopping - particularly as there is no public seating on the Broadway except around the Town Hall Green. I'm sure parents with toddlers don't welcome this new exposure to the traffic and cyclists did use them as additional parking spots (although I have to say I disapproved of usage for that purpose). Some of the businesses seem to think they were removed to facilitate repair of the pavements and that they are going to be replaced. Others take a different view - and it seems odd that some of the swankier railings around the clocktower remain whilst the others on the Weston Park side have been removed. I've emailed Sarah Elliott but she's 'out of office'.

The most bizarre explanation I've heard is that the culprit is not Haringey Council but Transport for London which is apparently responsible for the main arterial roads in London and they have a budget for removing 'street clutter'. The mind boggles. Last time I looked, pavements weren't roads. 

This has all the makings of a bureaurocratic nightmare. Anyone know what's going on? Can we get our railings back?

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I'm glad they're gone and I hope the ones on the corner near Bouga are next. If you get stuck behind a buggy or a couple of slow walkers they're a nightmare!

They needlessly reduce the width of the pavement and prevent a swift overtaking manoeuvre by nipping onto the road.

I can't see the point of them. They seem pretty flimsy so not sure they would offer much protection from a car crash, which I presume is their purpose.

I agree that pedestrians are badly treated. If a street corner needs a bollard to stop motorists mounting the pavement, then put the bollard in the road, not on the pavement, for instance. Pedestrians should not be punished for motorists' bad behaviour.

This sort of change should be notified to residents in advance, indeed residents should have a chance to comment on any plans to make the sort of change that, it appears, is being made. 


1) no change is being made and the railings will be replaced with better railings - perhaps a bit unnecessary in times of austerity?

2) the whole town centre is being "improved" - I'd certainly like to know about that in advance

3) it is TfL paying for the works , not LBH

4) the removal is due to an EU directive

5) CRouch End needs a neighbourhood plan which covers street furniture and layout, to be produced by a Neighbourhood forum

I'll try the Labour councillors

It's part of the TfL Guardrail Removal Programme, which has been slowly vanishing the things from Central London outwards for a number of years now.

In their view the railings are neither effective nor consistent with modern practice. Those near schools should stay, as should any which would leave a particular danger if removed. I'm unsure what this means for those which have thus far survived in CE (such as the Bouga corner line).

Crouch End's removal is quite late in the day actually, so I think it would be difficult to successfully resist the onward march. For what its worth, my own opinion is that it improves the streetscape of the Broadway no end. With or without the odd extra bollard.

TfL have always had a division which liaises with the Boroughs (and I'm sure the Guardrail Removal Programme would have made the agenda at some point). It would be interesting to find out whether people think that Neighbourhood Forums/Plans could be included in some way in that kind of planning.

interesting, Mark!   I think they should be retained or replaced particularly near schools but they are also valued by the many young families who live here and by ancient crocks like me (86 next week)   a very dear friend used to say 'do you really have plans for the few seconds you are going to save' when people panicked to overtake him

Glad to see them go from my point of view - I found them unnecessarily restrictive and they looked awful.

And even more awful-looking when festooned with sagging banners advertising nursery open days or kids' drama classes long past their sell-by date. I won't miss the railings either....

I too find out-of-date advertising irritating but I think you are in for a nasty shock if you think removing the railings will solve the problem    the culprits will find other equally offensive sites

Good news it will stop commercial banners, bad news the community activities have no where to put up banners. I think the Council or TFL (whoever removed them) should show respect and inform us why. 

I agree with the removal of railings. The Broadway looks so much better without them everywhere.

What is glaringly missing from Cllr Arthur's reply is any acknowledgement that the residents of Crouch End should be consulted. It is disingenuous to suggest that the railings prevent pedestrians reaching a crossing in time without accepting that without them, 'jay walking' is made much easier. Which is precisely what is happening now they have been removed. Let's just wait for the first accident to occur because of this.

Thanks for the posts. I await further news with baited breath....


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