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A licensing application on the door surround at what was KFC suggests very strongly that a new restaurant will be opening there called Chicken and Egg. This seesm to be part of the Soho group of restaurants referred to here, though Crouch End does not get a specific mention

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I was actually unable to view the application on the council website. can someone direct me? thanks

Itis on this page::

Chicken & Egg

46 The Broadway, Crouch End, London, N8 9SU
Ward - Crouch End

Late Night Refreshment
Friday to Saturday 11pm to 12 midnight
New Year's from 11pm to 5am New Year's Day

Supply of Alcohol
Sunday to Thursday 8am to 11pm
Friday to Saturday 8am to 12 midnight
For consumption ON and OFF the premises
From the end of hours permitted on New Year’s Eve to the start of trade hours on New Year’s Day

Hours open to the public
Sunday to Thursday 8am to 11pm
Friday to Saturday 8am  to 12 midnight
From the end of hours permitted on New Year’s Eve to the start of trade hours on New Year’s Day

Type of Premises  Restaurant
End Date 30 September 2015
Type of Application  New

Yes thanks Adrian, I did see this in fact.

I am just surprised (as a general rule) but the lack of background info with regard to who these people are. I was expecting something more substantial like you get with planning applications..

How is the "public" supposed to make an informed opinion?



The licensing pages also contain information about the licensing register. There is a note which refers to an 'operating schedule' which sets out just how the applicant plans to run the place. Presumably this is available for inspection. Perhaps you could ask licensing@haringey.gov.uk for sight of it.

I'm still waiting for info re the fish&chips place- when will it open? (perhaps one should ask if at all?)

will it be licensed?    restaurant and/or takeaway?    after such a long wait, it better be good! 

My observation on licensing applications is that the council tends to grant most applications, because it looks at a fairly narrow list of criteria. These are described on the council's website:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • Public safety at licensed premises
  • The protection of children from harm

So unless there is an objection from the Police, or unless the applicant/premises has previous form, a licence will usually be granted, although the council will sometimes restrict the hours applied for and insist on noise prevention measures.

The licence application is not a substitute for the normal planning permission which may be needed to open a restaurant. 


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