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Where do you get the best coffee in Crouch End - answers to Opinion8 please


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wants to know where to get the best coffee in crouch end??

Helene Connolly 14 July 13:49
wants to know where to get the best coffee in crouch end??


Maybe they are only being polite but everyone who gets a cup of coffee at my house says how good it is! 

The cup I paid only £1 for (yes really only £1) at the unlibrary cafe was pretty good and I got to wander around the Cityscapes art exhibition too.

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I am going to borrow a load of money and turn the derelict 'Sombreros' building site into a bohemian coffee joint serving a cocktail of acoustic angst music and Liverpool vs Manchester United - all coming with a bottomless cup of the finest Brazillian roast. Who's with me?

Might I suggest 2 things in respect of Jon's proposal:

1) rather than Sombrero's why not buy the British Legion Hall, after all if you're getting into debt getting into a lot of debt seems to be the fashion

2) that a room, perhaps several rooms, or indeed the whole building, be set aside for those of us who have tired of association football, perhaps only for a limited period, say from August to June each year

Or the Music Palace?


Is the Music Palace for sale? It would appear that KwikFit is. The Earl Haig Memorial Hall is a snip at £750,000 vs over £2m for Kwik Fit.

Goodness me boyfriend has just sent me a text to inform me of a new coffee place he walked past opening opposite the Virgin Gym on Tuesday called MY KIND OF COFFEE.


Now I'm not sure but does Crouch End boast the densest population of coffee shops in London?!

I took a picture of My Kind of Coffee in the course of preparation

i will too no doubt. although its not on my route to or from anything except if i am going to or from the post office.




apparently they are going to 'roast their own'


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