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Where do you get the best coffee in Crouch End - answers to Opinion8 please


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wants to know where to get the best coffee in crouch end??

Helene Connolly 14 July 13:49
wants to know where to get the best coffee in crouch end??


Maybe they are only being polite but everyone who gets a cup of coffee at my house says how good it is! 

The cup I paid only £1 for (yes really only £1) at the unlibrary cafe was pretty good and I got to wander around the Cityscapes art exhibition too.

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My favourite is a flat white from Coffee Circus.
Yeah when i go back next i'm going to say something. I love that they have the ability to comment on their facebook group turned off so you can't communicate with them at all via the internet.

Dear Dianne,

we will happily make your flat white in a bowl again, feel free to ask...

We started making them in tea cup as feedback from customers was that it was a bit too milky when it was in a bowl...

And the reason why we locked our Facebook group is because we were getting SO many spam entries on a daily basis that it was not even funny...

Hope this helps and hope to see you soon for a bowl of flat white... ;-)


I will say that what would be nice is a cafe in crouch end thats open til quite late. The other night Boyf and I had a hard time finding a cafe we could go into for a quite cup of coffee at 7ish to discuss a flat we had just viewed. Maybe its just me but I don't always want to go to the pub. I love a good late night cafe. Especially if it has Banoffee pie. All the good independants close before I even get home from work and you are left with starbucks and costa. BOOOoo
I bet if you had said something they would have made it again. They are actually really nice in there. i bet they had a newbie.

You should have said something!


Flat Whites are traditionally small, but you can normally get them in small or large. When i first went to the Hab I was over the moon that they served it in a bowl as it SHOULD come, normally they are too small or when they are big they put too much milk in it and it totally is just a latte and is pointless. thats why I like coffee circus. its like drinking 3 shots of pure caffiene. i swear my pupils dialate.

because they are very strong and if you have a big one you will explode and die.

Costa make the only good high street flat whites for future reference.


Just stick with lattes if you arent satisfied with a flat white i mean the only difference is there is more coffee actually in a flat white, less milk. Hence why they are small - its the same as drinking like 4 lattes.

Flat white originaly came from New Zeland/ Australia they still arguing who invented it. The flat white is actualy double espesso and frothed milk served in a smaller cup, The main difference between a latte and a flat white is the ratio of milk and espresso.Chain coffee shops like Costa serve it in a12oz with double shot espresso, in my opinion its not flat white but a big cup of latte . Actually how to prepare and what size cups to use is entirely to the coffee shop owners or profesional baristas. Will give you an example. As the owner of Coffee Circus i can tell that we use 20gr of freshly grounded coffee beans to make an espresso shot (costa or most of the places use 7gr for single or about 15gr for double). Our flat whites served in 6oz cups and lattes, cappucinos in 8,5oz cups. Costas smallest size is 12 oz cup. Then the milk, it shouldnt be too hot as it will affect the tase and it shoud have smooth and shiny foam without any visibile bubbles. There is a lot behind this simple cup of coffee but at the end of the day its all about a good taste!

Mmm, all this talk of foamy coffee is making me want one. I'll be popping into to Coffee Circus tomorrow to try a flat white. To be honest I never knew they existed but living in Crouch End I'd better brush up on my coffee knowledge. 

I hear there is another place opening on the Broadway soon...we'll be drowning in coffee!

Also late night cafes are genius. When i lived back home we went to cafes more than pubs. You could go and actually have a conversation and a cup of coffee and a piece of cake or read a book and it is just genius to have  a nice smells like roasted coffee and cake kind of space to do that in. I get really sick of pubs pubs pubs. Probably should have thought about that before i moved to england really.

Move to New Zealand. You can get them in a bowl the size of a top hat there but they cost like $5 now which is outrageous.


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