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Gill Wing on Park Road has changed into a shop called James Nicholas.  It still seems to be cookware though.

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mattyparattySep 21, 4:41pm via Web

@OpinionN8 Well... I heard... *apparently* it's been taken over by her son... but you didn't hear that from me.

Matty put this on Twitter - not sure what the implication of the quotes or why the secrecy.

As far as I can tell not much has happened - It still seems to sell all the same stuff - I wanted a Dutch oven but Le Creuset is a bit steep to buy on a whim

Yes, the boys bought the Crouch End shop from Gill Wing to add to their West Hampstead and Balham empire. I went in the other day to buy an egg slicer. Was told there was no demand - although someone had asked for one in February. Some people don't get the fact that the 80's are on the way back and decorating salads with slices of hard boiled egg is the 'in' thing!


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