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Weston Park surgery to become exciting new home / eyesore?

What was a doctor's surgery at what might be 84a Weston Park (apparently there is another 84a on the other side of Ferme Park Road) is now the subject of a planning application and is under offer at Paul Simon Seaton.

I don't know what to think. Am I just being old fashioned in thinking the proposed design is just too modern for the site? That by building right out to the pavement, two storeys high it is just too bulky? That we are already short of GP surgeries? From the objections on the application it seems I'm just as old fashioned as the neighbours. The LBH pre-planning advice seems to be pretty much in accord with the neighbours thoughts - on a Red/Amber/Green assessment they mark it down as Amber, which is a bit sort of non-committal. And presumably the closure of the GP surgery is a commercial rather than a planning decision and so beyond the remit of a planning application.


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Why do people insist on turning beautiful Victorian and Edwardian buildings into new build monstrosities? It's starting to happen all over Crouch End. My neighbour did this - his home now has a horrible glass extension and it looks like a home you'd find on a beach in Miami, not a London suburb.

Sadly, our council doesn't care. 

It's not though, it's what was the medical centre on Weston Park, a flat roofed, prefab box.

I was wondering when a planning application would go in then I realised how small the plot is.  The architects don't have much to play with. 

Tbh think that picture is misleading.  It makes the build look much airier here than it will be in practice. I have nothing against modern architecture but that's just another white rendered box with frosted glass. 

But what to put on there?  Should it be a doctors?  The letter I received suggested there was no need for another one (or perhaps that was hiding a huge rent increase).  I don't know what the doctor situation here is (although there are few elderly individuals nearby and the surgery was used). I do know that its far better than for family and friends out of London. 

One thing there does seem to be a bit of a trend developing for cutting off this part of CE / Hornsey.  A stupid boundary change and now no doctor. 

Apropos the boundary change - the broader ramifications are touched upon here, but I think the site in question remains in Wood Green and Hornsey. I did not get a letter about doctors' surgeries.

I know the site is Hornsey and Wood Green but over the road won't be.  I got a letter because I was registered at that surgery. 

I have been informed, by an unusually reliable source, that this application has been withdrawn. On examination it proves to be true. But don't worry, they'll be back.


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