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Wells Terrace entrance to Finsbury Park Tube to close for 2 years

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This reply about the knock on effects on buses is one of 374 to a piece by Ben Myring which he linked to in an earlier reference to Wells Terrace closure

Ben writes:

Finsbury Park Station. Its very name has been known to elicit a shudder from the passengers condemned to use its narrow winding passageways, inadequate (and largely un-weatherproof) ticket offices, and grimy stairwells.

      . . . let's hope all change on the western entrance is worth it.

Oh, dear this has set everyone all a twitter

Dawn Barnes@Dawn_Barnes

.@OpinionN8 argh, won't be fun getting to the W3 and W7 stops that I - and many others - often use :(


@OpinionN8 oh ffs... nice, are haringey ever going to clean the pigeon shit fest from the pavement under the bridge


@OpinionN8: Wells Terrace entrance to Finsbury Park Tube to close for 2 yearsopn8.co.uk/1J8a4QF #hornsey#crouchend” nooooo

Closed with apparently no consultation with local service users - can't be right. Sign the petition - http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/keep-wells-terrace-open

Don't panic. The Wells Terrace closure is not going ahead on Monday according to this update from tfl:


I am writing to let you know that the work that was planned to take place at Finsbury Park Tube station from Monday 20 April has been postponed. 

Our Tube improvements are being co-ordinated with a local development adjacent to the station. The developer has informed us they are not in a position to proceed with their work at this time.
Station entrances
The Wells Terrace entrance will remain open until further notice to minimise disruption.
Ticket gates
Please continue to touch in at the beginning and out at the end of each journey to pay the correct fare. 

We are reviewing our options of how best to continue to deliver improvements at Finsbury Park Tube station.
Yours sincerely,
Signature_________________Image not displayed
Tony Matthews 
General Manager, Piccadilly line
That's great news, what are the chances of finding a solution so that so many commuters journeys aren't compromised whenit does happen?

It's all very vague isn't it? Wonder what actually brought this on? Public outcry? Reassessment of impact on commuters? The TASTE THE MANGO man?


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