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Well Done Haringey 2
Haringey has issued call for volunteers to help children cross the road near schools http://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/news_and_events/latest_news/all_fo... Well, good, isn't that what paretns with young children do. They help their children cross the road to get to school. This request from Cllr Canver sounds mighty like the local Labour administration buying into the Coalition's Big Society idea, and it jolly well ought to work. Obviously there is a bit of political posturing. Haringey apparently employs 20 "school crossing patrol officers" but cannot employ any more "given the budgetary pressures". It surely must just be a coincidence that all the vacancies are to the West of the Railway line dividing Haringey in two.Parents are not all immediately supportive of the proposal. One local mother quoted in a local paper http://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/news_and_events/latest_news/all_fo... admits that the standard of driving outside the school is atrocious (that would be the other parents, then, picking up and dropping off from the outer extremities of the 100 yard radius catchment area) but still thinks that government intervention is the answer rather than a modicum of co-operation from the Parents' association.

Apparently a crossing sweeper will also need a CRB check, a uniform and training! The system doesn't seem designed to make it easy to volunteer.

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