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Waitrose and Mobile Phone reception - local improvements

For about a week now my Virgin mobile phone has provided abysmal service - I can't even hold on to a call to Virgin long enough to register a complaint without a 'call failed' message. Virgin buy their air time from EE so I went in to the EE shop and told them about my troubles. They agreed that evryone was having the same problem in the area because of an upgrade to a mast. Upgrade - huh! Maybe it's the mast on top of the new cinema - just ever so slightly impeded by the huge crane?

And Waitrose is also making improvements! The aspect that mainly affects me is that free coffee is no longer dispensed by cheery, smiley helpful Waitrose staff, but I have to do it, and queue up twice in the process - once to get a cup from the till and then to press my own buttons on the drinks machine. Nil illegitima carborundum though, I will still determinedly insist on claiming my freeby.

Whilst waiting to get my coffee cup yesterday, I was part of an increasing queue held up by a lady who wasn't there. With only one till open this particular lady had checked her shopping list after all the items had been rung up and were packed in her bag. Yes, she had no bananas. So she just popped, really quickly, to get some. And we all waited. Don't you love it when people do that? Luckily a drama was unfolding in front of me. Another determined freeby collector was waiting for her cup from the till. She'd made the mistake of giving her four(?)  year old a bag of sweeties, so when she decided not to wait any more and tried to return the sweets to the shelf, the tantrum was a sight to behold. I'd give him 9/10 for speed of response as there was a moment's silence. He only scores 4/10 for degree of difficulty, having no need to deploy the full range of tantrum skills with 11/10 for effectiveness. Mum's capitulation was instant. I offered up a round of applause, but the remainder of the queue remained silent.

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