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There is a posting on HoL which reads

Not quite duped over the over the Town Hall but it does not look like it is safe hands.    

As you know, Haringey have been letting it out for film sets.    I have heard a film maker recently tore down parts of the building which I think may be listed and it would cost several million if repaired. Of course, the less valuable antique stuff in there, the easier it is get demolition approval.

You would have thought Haringey might have put some security in there to make sure that sort of thing could not happen.   But the brains department run by transformation professionals did not think of it. I wonder why not?

Now I simply don't believe this. Haringey's films unit has been letting the building for years, and must be wise to these problems, and ANA have been excellent guardians for years (how galling for them to have to play host to a usurper laying claim to their business plan), so I believe this has not happened.

The true vandalism lies with the inept management , by Labour, of the whole town hall disposal. Claire Kober and her quickly dwindling bunch of cronies have chosen the wrong reasons to ditch ownership of the hall for a pittance. Then FEC will commit the vandalism , ripping out dozens of really quite serviceable offices, in order to install an apart hotel, the while erecting enormous blocks of flats to trash the environs and the conservation area.

And Claire Kober has signed away the receiptfrom the gift , for possibly the third or fourth time, based on a highly prejudiced and inaccurate officer briefing, for the sake of a face (and possibly political career) saving set of affordable dwellings in Highgate.

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