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I've just had an email claiming to be from Yahoo, with a very convincing message about SSL and a very reasonable 10 day deadline. It is even more convincing because it contains exactly the saccharine sort of image that yahoo would use to get you to do this.And the grammar is very good - just wrong enough to be convincing.

But it's a spoof - don't give them your password!!

Please update your mail settings.
As part of Yahoo's commitment to strengthening our security and improving your overall mail experience, we have detected that your current mail settings are out of date.
In order to better protect your email and personal information, we require that you update your Yahoo Mail settings to SSL within the next 10 days. Once updated, you will be able to continue to access your accounts through an external mail client (MS Outlook, etc.). If your settings are not updated within the next 10 days, you will only be able to access your Mail account from Yahoo.com for your security.

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