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The Viability Report is now available in plain text, attached, and on this link FEC EVA

The planning application for Hornsey Town Hall has been submitted.

I highly commend to you the Economic Viability Report which Is available on this link. I have also downloaded a copy and attached it below.

Have a jolly good look at it. Select all of it perhaps and copy it into a new document so that you can make changes. Save it from your pdf editor in your favourite editing format.

Well worth the effort.

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So no affordable housing but a developer profit of £22,600,634
. Haringey have sold a precious asset for £3.5m, but the leaseholder stands to make £1.5m per annum in rents . And take a profit.

These numbers aren't redacted at all!

Did they give the job to the office junior? All they've done is highlight the numbers in black - the numbers are all still there.


And by all accounts, you're not the only person to notice - so, the HTH campaigners will have it by now, the press and everyone and their dog will have it tomorrow, and I hope Haringey are wearing their tin hats on Monday.

The Viability Report is also available at -


Glad to see Cllr Jason Arthur is keen on "more public info and engagement". Perhaps he can officially give the figures on Hornsey Town Hall (HTH) to us "little people" who can't afford to buy expensive high-end professional software to look behind the Wizards' secret curtain.

Maybe he can also confirm whether or not the full and accurate figures about the SEC deal were made available to councillors at the Call-in? And if not why not? How are councillors supposed to make judgements about deals on enormously valuable property without independent professional advice? Does he himself know the profits that FEC estimate they will make?
Can he also tell us if there are any overage clauses in the agreement? And are these going to be legally watertight?
Yes, it's "such an amazing building". So I'm not surprised to see this enthusiasm from the Kober Council. It's keen to ensure the asset-stripping of everything from Town Halls to business premises and Housing Estates.

And, Cllr Jason Arthur, if you read this and are really in the mood for more "public info & engagement" can you please tell us:
● What the arrangement is for overage on Apex House?
● When the publicly subsidised Chicken Town restaurant will be paying off their loan? And when we will see the full detailed and independent evaluation of the healthy eating experiment they conducted?
● Whether Move 51 Degrees North eventually let just 2 (or was it 3?) properties and how much that experiment lost the Council?

[N.B: I deleted the original version of this comment and reposted with one typo corrected. Now "FEC". Far Eastern Consortium.  Alan Stanton]

If anyone bumps into Cllr Jason Arthur would you please consider posing the three questions above to him.
If he gives you some answers could I please request that you jot them down carefully and post here.

If Jason says "I'll get back to you", please ask him: "When?".  And post the date here. When he emails with answers, please copy and post these online.

Cllr Arthur has impeccably good manners so please be equally polite. Clear and firm of course, but considerate to him. It really can't be easy working for Claire Kober and having to be nice to developers.


Perhaps most pertinent is this particular paragraph, whereby the guidance states that all documents including viability reports should be made public in full. I wonder if the figures revealed during this fiasco would have been the same had this been implemented and legally binding before the application:

The Mayor considers that information relevant to planning decisions should be publicly available alongside other application documents in order to foster a greater understanding of and trust in the planning system. The SPG sets out the Mayor’s expectations when it comes to the publication of viability information, requiring information to be made public, including council and third party assessments. Applicants will have the opportunity to argue that limited elements should be confidential, but the onus is on the applicant to make this case.

See it here: https://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/ah_viability_spg_2017...

REDACTIONS: they don't always work as intended: 

A major court filing error led to secret details of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s criminal case leaking out into the public sphere on Tuesday.


A major oops.


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