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Leaving our beloved Crouch End and need to sell our 5 bed house - just wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

We have had bad experiences with the following


Greene and Co


David Phillips

Any help appreciated!

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So no Estate Agents are any good then?

Selling a house is immensely stressful. So much money involved, so many incidental expenses. Purchasers looking to pick fault, agents only wanting their commission and not really trying to help you. There must be some one somewhere who has  had a good experience with an estate agent, but I haven't met one.

Have you thought of selling it yourself. An ad in the Sunday Times, perhaps? Your own purpose built website? Or use a 'sell it yourself' broker like thehousesale or http://www.sellyourownhome.co.uk/ (though this only has three properties and one of those is a spoof). 

Sarah Beeny's DIY website has four properties listed in Crouch End

Thanks Adrian - I have uploaded our house onto Sarah Beeney's website. If everyone used that site to do all house selling business, agents would go out of business and the world would be a much happier place..

If they can't shift it, it is most likely because you have it on the market for too much. If their advertising reasonably represents your house, and they have listed it on the four main portals, then there's not a lot more that they can be doing. And there probably isn't an awful lot to differentiate any of the agents in Crouch End, except Greene's and Foxtons, who seem to be pre-eminently horrific. Chances are you were given an above market valuation by your agent in the first instance, in an attempt to win the instruction. It's unprofessional and arguably illegal, but the practice is widespread, and to some extent the consumer is responsible for it: they greedily believe the inflated over-valuations that certain agents quote, and other agents feel that they have to follow suit and over-value themselves to have any chance of competing and gaining an instruction. 

A house next door went for more than our house is on sale for last year so the price is not the issue. We have had plenty of viewers so all is well so far. The point of this thread was simply to get some recommendations.

Agree about Greene and CO - I have no idea how they support their huge office and staff..


I would add Castles to your 'don't touch with a bargepole list'. The most honest and competent estate agents are Prickett and Ellis - don't be put off by the old fashioned appearance of their office. They use the same computers as everyone else.

CJ Delemere in Muswell Hill were good when I bought my place. No idea what they are like for selling.

We used Winkworth Green Lanes AND Crouch End to sell our Ladder house, and found them very pleasant to deal with. They were respectful of our home, and got us a good price. We bought from Lichfields in Crouch End, and there were very good too. KFH Crouch End could not even get the appointment for valuation  of our property right, so needless to say they did not get a look in..


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