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In resposne to Adrian's request for more restaurant reviews, I've added a review of Ohba Leaf  over on HoL.

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Thanks, Hugh. I've mentioned Ohba Leaf before, as part of Crouch End's all round loveliness, but not a stand alone review. 

I tried to take a picture of the wall with the painting of Fuji and the instructions on how to use chopsticks, but the light would reflect so.

Ah yes the mural wasn't there when I took the photo above. So I focussed on what was then the more interesting wall. 

I knew that you had a fondness for Nakama too. So I'd wondered what you thought of OL. You have plenty of choicesu right on your doorstep now, eh.

Tried their take away sashimi. DELICIOUS! Not missing Fuji Foods a much. I think this is a good substitute. Yay!

Good people run it, will go out of their way to make sure your needs are met. I love their avocado salad. 


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