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THE Walklate reports: contemporaneous press coverage

FOLLOWING a suggestion by Dr. Alan Stanton—a former Haringey Councillor of 16 years’ experience—I have uploaded a couple of relevant editorials from the Ham & High, plus a letter from Cllr Charles Adje.

The Ham & High newspaper well covered the attempt by Haringey Council in 2007-08 to dispose of Alexandra Palace to a former slum-landlord. The disposal effort was led by the then-Chair of the Alexandra Palace Trust Board, Cllr Charles Adje who bent over backwards to get the deal done (that he bent too far, was disclosed in the subsequent Determination Hearing). The 125-lease was quashed in the High Court following action by the Save Ally Pally campaign.

PDFs attached:

  1. The Ham & High editorial that followed the publication of the [first] Walklate Report
  2. A letter in reply from Charles Adje, riddled with dishonesty and published by the H&H
  3. The Ham & High editorial that followed the publication of the Second Walklate Report

(The three Walklate reports, plus a transcript of the Haringey Council Standards Committee Determination Hearing, can be found here.)

Charles Adje is still a Councillor. Following the last local election, he was promoted by his good buddy, novice leader Joseph Ejiofor, to Cabinet-level responsibility for Strategic Regeneration.

And following the resignation of the previous Cabinet Member for Finance, he was awarded Cabinet responsibility for Finance as well.

Despite, or because of, his record.

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