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Occasionally words and phrases crop up which are such a hideous distortion of the proper use of words I feel compelled to mention them, for all the good that that's not going to do.

"Confirmatory Referendum" is one such. Should one come about it seems likely the choice offered will be between Remaining in the European Union, or leaving under the terms of the deal Mrs May keeps offering to the House of Commons, which many think is like being in the EU but without any of the benefits. Where would one who wanted actually, really and truly, to leave the EU put his cross on such a voting paper? The only thing such a choice would confirm would be the prejudices of its authors.

And it would appear that the climate change activists are now so relaxed about their abuse of science and language they can't even be bothered to refer to the most plentiful of the greenhouse gases by its full name. This BBC climate change article, by someone described as the BBC's environment analyst, refers throughout to carbon dioxide (usually a gas molecule) as carbon (usually a solid atom). Is this simply lazy? Or is it a deliberate attempt to fuddle the thinking of the masses, on the assumption that they don't understand science very well anyway, so we can tell them whatever we want and they'll believe it.

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