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There's been mentions of this company on Harringay Online, they manage (badly) a couple of problem properties on the Harringay Ladder, and do not have a great reputation. They're the sort of landlord who will not listen to complaints from either tenants or neighbours, and just pockets the money, sod everyone else. Not the loveliest of attitudes. I believe they have contract with Haringey Council for quite a few properties.

I just caught someone sticking a piece of junk mail though my letterbox. I have a big sticker saying "no junk mail" clearly displayed across the letterbox. You can't miss it. As i happened to be in the hallway when this happened, I opened the door and asked the man if he didn't see the sticker. He mumbled. I got him to take his flyer - from The Property Company - back, and he kept on mumbling. His friend then turned up, and informed me that they were not to blame, it was their boss, at The Property Company, who has told them in no uncertain terms to ignore "no junk mail" stickers on doors. They've been told that if anyone complained, in this case me, I should call the office.

My husband caught them another time, and that guy started arguing that this was not junk mail, they were just promoting their business, as they were expanding. Really?

I think this attitude clearly sums up what kind of people they are and how they run their business. As I said above, sod everyone else. That is not the kind of company anyone should be doing business with, and I would like to urge anyone on here to avoid them like the plague.

Haringey Council should certainly not be working with people like that, it's not in anyone's best interest.

Re their relentless junk mail - any ideas what can be done? I have tried calling them, they really do not care. It's not the sort of business I want anywhere near me, and I dread the day someone on my road is silly enough to let these scumbags manage their property. It will be trouble.

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Why don't you let your local councillor know? Haringey council should definitely not deal with this type of people
Unfortunately the Council will deal with whoever has money. I was rather hoping the good people of Crouch End would support me in complaining to them about their leafleting (or send the leaflets back in an un franked envelope) and generally avoid them like the plague. Tell all your friends and neighbours, tweet about them, and run then out of town! I might be overly optimistic, but would be great if people would join in.
But the council is where they make most of their money. The council should not deal with them. I would never use them (I have personal experience with them) and honestly I don't think leafleting is the worst of the problems they cause. The mail issue is the state of their properties, their disregard for planning (look them up in the council website, the name of the owner is Andrew Koumi)

That some underpaid deliverers put their leaflet in your mailbox will not really stir public sentiment, I am afraid. The fact that the council pays a slum landlord will...
I'm happy to stir whatever way I can. I had the misfortune of living in close proximity to one of their mis-managed properties and I know how hey operate. They're on par with Limelight Properties, and trust me, that's not pretty!
If I contact the council and I tell them I know they're scum and unsavoury, they will unfortunately just laugh at me. If I, on the other hand, had been tortured by them and some of their antisocial tenants for years, then I might have a case. As it is, I felt I wanted to do this post, and hope people in crouch end will nevertheless ever trust these people with their properties. Spread the word!

For some other opinions see The Property Company Google+ page, which is presumably initiated and curated by them.

Sarah Potts thinks they are lovely.

Not sure where you're coming from, Adrian? If you read the review, there's only one positive, and this one sums them all up pretty well:

The worst estate agent I have ever had the displeasure of using. They put the price up after I took the flat off the market (paid my holding deposit - 1 week before I was supposed to move in) then requested a 25% increase in rent to renew. They are currently seeking to deduct a large chunk of my deposit for no reasonable reason. I WOULD NEVER, EVER, RENT FROM THEM AGAIN. I WOULD PAY TWICE AS MUCH TO RENT ELSEWHERE. If you rent with them, document everything.

Yes, that is quite a good review. It contains what appear to be facts which can presumably be proved or disproved. It sets out a practical response to a problem, and offers constructive advice. It is on another website but it accords with the N8 commandments which begin:

1. Keep it clean: no bad language. Granny might be surfing.
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8. Good, open debates: yes. Squabbles; no.

And your point is what exactly? You you have a problem with my post? do you want to defend the Property company? I don't understand what you are getting at?


I'm not sure the council can respond appropriately or intervene if you just phone up and refer to people or businesses as scum. 

Facts, figures and evidence is what will help you in sorting out problems. 

I agree with Nikki, nobody is going to be stirred by a leaflets through the door.  It's annoying but I think there's sympathy for the low-earning distributors and not that many people have the stomach to start haranguing these folk for trying to do a job.

But thanks for alerting me to their presence, I shall make sure I'm not silly enough to engage them in the future.

Thank you. THAT is what I wanted to achieve. People in the area being aware of them and how they operate. So they can be avoided. Spread the word.

Hi Annette, unfortunately junk mail is part of living in London and as I said before many people won't find it offensive.

What IS offensive is that the council, which works for us, the taxpayers (I know sometimes it is difficult to remember) hires a landlord who actually is not a proper one.

If you have proof, please collect.

I will find a list of all of mr Koumi's properties and complaints related to those and pass to ham and high. A bit of pressure on the council to do the right thing is always welcome .


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