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Took the kids to Rileys and was shocked to see that they had put the price for a small cone up to a whopping £2.50 - a completely cynical move as they had only been open for a month or so.


I was a big fan, but not any more - I am very intolerant when it comes to pulling the wool over customer's eyes. If they were going to charge £2.50, they should have started off that way.


Rant over

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I do think that some of the people on here need to get a life and get real and stop quibbling over pennies, isnt there better things to do with your energy and time rather than wasting it talking about tiny amounts of money and giving a hard working entrepreneur a hard time. Aren't their bigger fish to fry?

Really sad that you are being so pedantic and ridiculous. Would you really say all this face to face rather than hiding behind your pc with your angst?

Maybe try to focus on positive things in life rather than trying to get at the good people, you are really wasting your time with  your negativity and pompous rantings about a few pennies. 

Well said, hilly8.

so why are you ranting on here yourself hilly8 if the rest of us need to get a life? I'm confused

Are people still ranting?

I thought the comments had turned rather positive. It wasn't just a few pennies either, it was 50p a cone which made a big difference with several children in tow. 

But, I'm delighted Riley have come on and defended their position so we understand the bigger picture.  I think everyone is entitled to an opinion as this is really what the forum is for.

I also quite like a bit of pomposity.


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