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Took the kids to Rileys and was shocked to see that they had put the price for a small cone up to a whopping £2.50 - a completely cynical move as they had only been open for a month or so.


I was a big fan, but not any more - I am very intolerant when it comes to pulling the wool over customer's eyes. If they were going to charge £2.50, they should have started off that way.


Rant over

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That is OUTRAGEOUS. I'm really annoyed and quite shocked. Surely they realise that people will notice the price has increased by 25%? (if that's right, maths is not my strong point).


I agree, if they wanted to charge £2.50 per cone they should have done it at the start.

I was so angry I flounced off to 'Shake my Shake' and paid £7.50 for three small shakes instead..


We are a family of six so a trip to Riley's will involve paying by installments. Such a stupid move, as I had been in quite a few times, and was digging the whole minimalist theme they had going on. Maybe the extra 50p is going in a fund to finish the decor?

I did mention Rileys as being a huge rip-off when it first opened a few months ago. I can make a litre batch of homemade ice-cream for less than the price of one small cone.
I too am very disappointed at this turn of events. Interestingly, the new ice cream parlour in Muswell Hill, opposite the Odean charges £2.90 for the same size tub. Perhaps that's what persuaded them to try it on? But as long as people are prepared to pay, the prices will remain high. And £2.50 is too high for a tiny ice cream. It's £2 next door at Sosta for Di Sotto ice cream which is also delicious.

Hi yes Riley's has gone down in my estimation too. The flavours are not consistent. The first Raspberry sorbet and vanilla  were really yummy so as a treat for the family I bought some home at the weekend. They were very sweet and rather synthetic my husband who is a vanilla fanatic and loved the first one really didn't like this one. What has gone wrong!!


I walked past yesterday and it was dead - on a decent sat afternoon - reap what you sow..

Went to Rileys for the first time on Sunday and was pleasantly suprised. I went with two small children, a glam-ma and a dad and we had 2 strawberry milk shakes for the kids (one big one split into two cups with straws), a turkish delight massive scoop, a tea and a honey comb massive scoop and a lemonade all for just £10. It was delicious and I went on to have some lovely Victoria sponge and my son a ring donut. Basically we pigged out and it was lovely in there and will deffo go again.

Lucky to have such a nice place in Crouch End.



"reap what you sow"

I agree - I hope its true tho - its so frustrating when you want to boycott a rip-off place to see it survive! You wonder how come people can't see the poor value for money of a lot of these places

I have been into Riley's twice but not as a customer. I spoke to Sean about the OpinioN8 drive to get all our local shops nominated in the Telegraph Competition and he was thoroughly pleasant about it and is handing out flyers. The shop (A1 retail not A3 restaurant) also joined in "The End" music festival and had a band playing in there.

So I hope Rileys is not a hotbed of sharp practice. 


So, has the planning enforcement issue with Riley's been resolved? As I recall, no permission for change of use from A1 to A3.

It seems not to need A3 - apparently Subway, Starbuck's, Costa and the like are all A1. The distinguishing feature may be the actual cooking of food on the premises. Making coffee doesn't count.

Of course, now the question has arisen it has to be resolved.

I believe the issue does not revolve around the cooking of food on premises, but rather the consumption thereof. Subway et al still allow consumption on site.

Crucially, the planning threshold limiting the number of such premises in Crouch End has been exceeded hence the refusal issued to Riley's.

Possibly, Riley's would not need a change of use permission if the tables and chairs were removed, or they waited for other similar premises to close down and by default, fell back within the threshold on a recount.

Ah, the joys of the planning system!


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