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Hi everyone,

we are a young couple and we are looking at a property in The Campsbourne, just off Hornsey high st.

We were originally looking at Crouch End, but we have kind of given up as the kind of property we want seems to be going for more than a million ££ these days....

We don't know Hornsey well and we are a bit concerned about its safety. Can anyone that lives there help? It's such a short walk to Crouch End and seems better served by public transit in a way but the huge price difference makes us wonder...

We want children in the next couple of years but we'd rather pay for a good school than just living somewhere expensive to get free school.

thanks for your help!!


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In the same boat pretty much. We're just going to go for it - looking west of nightingale lane. Schools is a worry but I hear Campsbourne is improving all the time.

p.s. have you tried Tomo restaurant on hornsey high street - beats any italian in crouch end hands down



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