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Liz on HoL has pointed out this Sustainable Transport Works Plan survey by Haringey. It closes on 15th Feb, but don't worry, you haven't missed a chance. It is a typical Haringey survey - I'll say nothing but this critique byAlan Stanton (a Labour councillor) makes the point

Permalink Reply by Alan Stanton yesterday

Liz, thanks for sign-posting this survey.

Although I don't see its format as inviting thoughtful, considered, fresh thinking.  

Three questions. Predetermined categories and what seems to be an assumption that everyone is likely to be able to choose up to three priorities. And even just one street to make a comment on.

To be fair it's not a "Survey Monkey" questionnaire. I tend to ignore these. as I have the feeling that an infinite number of monkeys filling in an infinite number of the usual questionnaires will still not produce much of value.

No, it's worse than a Survey Monkey questionnaire.

But I'm not suggesting you don't have a go and see if you can influence the outcome. Though you are aware of the danger that Haringey's staff in the Sustainable Whatever team will use your - and my -  participation to legitimate what they've decided. "We surveyed residents and they told us blah, blah."

P.S. Just as an experiment I filled it in twice. It thanked me both times.

P.P.S. Watching more videos by Ken Robinson I came across one where he describes the Dalai Lama being asked a question at a conference and staying silent while hundreds of people leaned forward awaiting his answer. Then, eventually, he said: "I don't know."

He hadn't thought about that question. Which, Ken Robinson suggests, can encourage all of us to say we don't know something.

I thought of Tuesday evening at the Council "Cabinet" rubber-stamping-the-budget meeting. Suppose that, after listening carefully to all the delegations, one of these brilliant sages had not trotted out a few of the 101 reasons they are entirely right. And instead had said:

"I think, Dear Leader, that several valid points have been made - crucially important points. Which we haven't properly considered. And frankly questions have been posed to which we simply don't know the answers. I think we're going to have to pause this process and come up urgently with a sensible and better informed plan."

And imagine that the Dear Leader had thought for a quiet minute. And then nodded slowly. Saying: "Yes. That's right. We don't know the answers. We need to give this more thought."

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