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The next general election seems a long way away, but when the time comes, many people are in for a big surprise. If you live in Stroud Green, you may find you are no longer part of Hornsey and Wood Green constituency, but Instead are part of Tottenham.

So why are we talking about it right now? 

Because now you can still do something about it, by responding to the Boundary Commission consultation, in 3 simple steps,  by the 5th of December 2011 (Links at the bottom)

But before you do, take a quick look at what is happening and what rules the Boundary Commission will follow when considering representations from the public.

Watch a short video explaining it 


https://www.youtube.com/GreenN8TV where we talked to Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and Stroud Green Councillors Katherine Reece and Richard Wilson and discuss what would be the implications of such a change for local residents. We also asked people living in Stroud Green ward how they feel about the proposed change. 

We also asked David Lammy MP for Tottenham, for his views and comments, but sadly have not heard back from him to this day. Is this a sign of things to come if the unthinkable happen?

For more info on how to respond to the consultation go to http://www.greenn8.org


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I submitted my response saying:

I do not think Stroud Green should be transferred to the Tottenham constituency
Based on your criteria:

* special geographical considerations, including the size, shape and accessibility of a constituency; 

* local government boundaries as they existed on 6 May 2010; 

* boundaries of existing constituencies; and * any local ties that would be broken by  . . .
* special geographical considerations, including the size, shape and accessibility of a constituency;

The London - Edinburgh east coast line visibly and practically separates Stroud Green from Tottenham - this psychologicallly makes it difficult for people living in Stroud Green to feel connected to Tottenham. Because it physically disconnects the two areas it will make it practically for the MP and for constituents to cross this boundary
* local government boundaries as they existed on 6 May 2010; Hraingey has set up Local Area Committees one of which is made up of Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green. This preexisting grouping would be disrupted by the proposed change requiring the attention of two MPs to any issues raised, rather than the present one. This would also lead to a breaking of existing local ties

Thanks adrian for nailing it!

This is slightly old news now but this extract

AC88 The proposal that Stroud Green should be included in a Tottenham constituency received very little support, and was opposed by a large number of people and organisations, including all three Parliamentary parties, the present councillors for Stroud Green ward (IP/025512),11 and the Stroud Green Residents’ Association (IP/023119). Many respondents emphasised that this proposal would break local ties between Stroud Green and other Hornsey wards. We have therefore decided that Stroud Green ward should be part of a Hornsey and Wood Green constituency.

is taken from this boundary commission document

Thanks to GreenN8 for the info 


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