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I went to a packed meeting on Tuesday of the Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green Area Forum and Committee.

Packed in every sense of the word in that there were a great many people there (members of the public outnumbered presenters and officers of the council) and in that the agenda ran non-stop with no breaks and covered a great many topics.

One of the topics was the possible transfer of Stroud Green ward (an area defined as part of Haringey local council) would be transferred from the Hornsey and Wood Green constituency (as defined for Parliamentary elections) to the Tottenham constituency.

A more detailed description of this proposal can be seen here and a further discussion with an informative video produced by GreenN8can be seen here

This proposal arising from the boundary commission's need to equalize and reduce the size of the average constituency, has not met with approval.

Members of the public have spoken against it and all three political parties in Haringey agree that it should not happen, for the very good reasons that Stroud Green residents mainly feel associated with Hornsey and Wood Green and Crouch End, and there's a railway line in the way of integrating Stroud Green into Tottenham.

The three political parties, whilst united in their opposition to the proposal, have differing suggestions as to redrawing the borders. Such a redrawing is necessary because the constituencies to the north are presently too small so must undergo some change.

This Boundary Commission document contains more detail and has a section called "How to have your say"

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EVEN the Boundary Commission's proposal doesn't refer to any historical or geographic factors.

Instead, in order to justify this bizarre suggestion, it refers to the need to accommodate changes elsewhere, which is something of an insult.

Few locals have spoken of the desirability of integrating Stroud Green council ward with the parliamentary constituency of Tottenham. Those that have, seem to do so out of a (misguided) sense of solidarity with Tottenham.

No one suggests that there are historical or geographic connections.

The obvious, natural boundary is the main-line railway corridor, that in places is 10 tracks wide.

This is slightly old news now but this extract

AC88 The proposal that Stroud Green should be included in a Tottenham constituency received very little support, and was opposed by a large number of people and organisations, including all three Parliamentary parties, the present councillors for Stroud Green ward (IP/025512),11 and the Stroud Green Residents’ Association (IP/023119). Many respondents emphasised that this proposal would break local ties between Stroud Green and other Hornsey wards. We have therefore decided that Stroud Green ward should be part of a Hornsey and Wood Green constituency.

is taken from this boundary commission document

Thanks to GreenN8 for the info 

Thanks Adrian,

Stroud Green ward should be part of a Hornsey and Wood Green constituency.

would be better expressed as,

should remain part of ...


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