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can anybody tell me where I can sell a 3speed steepletone record player in good condition, please?


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The company still exists and sells record players and table top juke boxes. Ebay has quite a few as does Gumtree including this one in Dalston. AudioGold doesnt have any as far as I can tell but for £3950 you could get a Garrard 301 which would do the job of revolving the record at the right speed. Caveat emptor - I haven't checked all of these for three speeds - are you looking for two forward and one reverse? 

thanks for confirming info I had about Steepletone still being in existence but I'm trying to sell a 3speed record player not buy one SM

I did rather misread that - still eBay and Gumtree both still apply.

thanks Adrian but I had hoped for something local as I gather they (Steepletone) are rather special

hope all your work on the Forum is producing the right results?   SM


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