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Weeping Willow blossoming in Stationer's Park

Frogs a croaking amongst the bull rushes and frogspawn everywhere in Stationer's Park!


Not quite a host but a little gathering of golden daffodils

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There must be over 100 frogs in the pond in my back garden - not so much in bloom but more bunga-bunga

This water lily bloom was in the pond about 3 weeks ago - I hope to see it flower 

My neighbour has this splendid (if slightly out of focus) mimosa, though the blossoms the ground suggest passers by may not be completely respectful.

The frogs are incredible aren't they?  I was wondering what the strange noise was eminating from the pond in Stationer's Park and having scrambled rather precariously down the bank to investigate I found thousands of croakers!  It'll be quite a sight when the tadpoles hatch and we have a spring rain - I remember thinking it was raining frogs as a child.  I will have to hone up my snapping skills for this event because it would be fair to say I am a rubbish photographer.  Not surprised the Mimosa is getting pinched, it smells delicious.
Despite the huge number of frogs and quantity of spawn, there were never any tadpoles. I have heard that a similar thing was true for a pond on Mountview Road. I wonder if this failure is widespread?
The blossom on next door's magnolia - eye level from my sitting room

Left:small fry and friends basking in the noonday sun

Right: the bright primula and the black grass make a good contrast












Below: I'm quite pleased with this vignette behind the apple tree



Green shoots on what was a very brown conifer at teh end of last summer

and even greener shoots on a healthier specimen



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