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Perhaps Spiazzo will start getting a better press if there really are new people running it. This from Facebook.

Anette Collins16 hrs · London

Wow, had no idea this place was that bad. Yuck! There's a few surprises when you look at the food hygiene ratings.
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Julia Richards Well it's gone now and is a new place under new management so I guess it's a fresh start.
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Gill Kilby no surprises here - i've had issues with their hygiene for ages hence stopped going & when we spoke to the staff last week one of them said the new management=just temporary rental & current management will be back -also they are keeping the same staff (one of of whom is awful) so i will wait & see! smile emoticon
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Gemma Hurt I cut my finger using salt grinder as it had glass on it...
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Jessica Warren It's changed hands so maybe you should give the new people a chance before you start putting it down
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Gill Kilby i will def' give the new ppl a chance & hope they will improve some of the customer care smile emoticon
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Kevin Neale I've only ever been there once a few years ago as it was the only place open at 9pm serving a coffee but if it's that bad I wonder why it's so busy all the time. I'll have to go and check it out again
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Maud Waret Not just the hygiene rating but the vibe. The owner sitting on a chair staring at you without a smile
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Adrian R Essex Well if there are new people running it they must let everyone know. It can hardley be but an improvement. It's popular because of its location. Here are some older comments which need to updated perhaps http://opinion8.ning.com/main/search/search?q=spiazzo&page=1

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Anette Collins when did it change hands? had the horrid man gone and been replaced by (hopefully) less horrid man / woman? If that the case a HUGE Under New Management sign might be a really good move...
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It's now called Crouch End Kitchen

You'd think they'd sort out the front before replacing the sign.

Good luck to them.  However, given that they will have the same staff etc. I'll wait and see what the reviews are like before giving them my custom.

Poor food, poorer service, dirty tables and being short changed, put me off a long while ago.


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