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A planning application has been submitted for 1 Park Road, which is where  Bouga used to be and great decay now is.

The application is for tarting up the site as a cafe and putting up some signs. A bit like the one in the picture below. This neon illuminated proposal has brought strenuous objections from the first three respondents Philip, JC , and Peter 

Apart from the neon sign the Berkhamsted Branch actually looks pretty sedate

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Finally something is happening to that site! I'm disappointed it's another Cafe though - I would have liked to have seen something more useful (for me anyway), like a clothing shop or even a Wilko type store where I can buy household items and toiletries. Besides groceries and the odd knick knack, I feel like I can't do any shopping in Crouch End. 

Interesting that the outfit are arriving from Berkhamsted.

In their recent survey of likes and dislikes about the area, the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum found two distinct perceptions of Crouch End. One group of people saw it as a community minded, villagey, family friendly, yummy mummy (sic), leafy sort of place - whilst the other group welcomed it as vibrant, bohemian, independently minded, creative neighbourhood.

Not entirely exclusive of course, but the perceptions seem to be affecting the decision making of new restaurants...  on one side we have new arrivals from suburbia, Berkhamsted, Southgate (Cannons), and Cockfosters (Middeys), and on the other the boho newcomers such as Porkys, the Chicken Shop and the Earl Haig.

We appear to be on some kind of dividing line, the final frontier of hipsterdom, where beards recede along with the hairlines. What will open next? Who will win the culture war? The suburbanites or the beatniks?

Hi Mark - can  the above be put on twitter?



I was driving through Berkhamstead a few months ago and spotted this place and thought it looked quite appealing. If cafes from elsewhere are to be encouraged I'd put in a bid for this chain in Brighton & Hove http://smallbatchcoffee.co.uk

The people at Here have popped up on Facebook wondering what the tiles might signify.

Beats me - a butcher's perhaps or a fishmonger. The tiles probably pre-date Bernie Grant's sister's venture.

I have a vague memort that there was a Co op food store on this bend into Park Road. Having a look at a Kelly's directory from the early 1960s might help.

When Reena Pharmacy was about to move to Crouch End Hill a few years ago, they came across some similar tiles - a relic from the Sainsburys that occupied the unit and the adjacent one up to the 1970s



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