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Set your inner philosopher loose - complete a completely atypical Haringey survey -

Haringey: where next?

  • What do you love about living in Haringey?
  • What issues concern you?
  • What would make life even better where you live?

I've made lots of complaints about Haringey surveys in the past - typically they constrain your answers to the list of things they want to hear, and leave no room for pushing your thinking outside the box of envelopes. And generally they contravene the terms of Haringey's own consultation charter. But here is one  called Haringey, Where next? which is almost totally open ended in its questions. If you are so inclined you can write a very considerable essay on the rights and wrongs of life in Haringey in response. What Haringey promises in return is 

Your ideas are the starting point for a series of events to explore how we make Haringey a better place for everyone to live and work - where local services meet local need. They will be the springboard to more formal consultation on the council’s longer term budget, including looking at the major changes that might be needed if we are to manage further funding cuts.

There has been a series of meetings about this consultation but I'm too late to publicise all of them. On 31st March the St Ann's forum has it as an agenda item, and a dedicated Haringey Where Next meeting will be held on 2nd April.

Claire Kober has a piece on the consultation in this week's Ham and High. My advice would be to work on eliminating local needs so that the need for local services matches the funding available.

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