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Vegetables outside Town Hall.. - I caught site of this blog title today and I was expecting something along the lines of the Spitting Image sketch in which Maggie Thatcher is having dinner with her cabinet, and when the waiter asks "what about the vegetables?" she replies "they'll have the same as me". But no this was a serious suggestion from an 11-16 year old(?) who understands what algebra is (borderline genius by today's standards), that vegetables should be grown outside the Hornsey Town Hall on the green space. Not a bad idea and well in tune with the sustainability kick on Budgen's Roof and the latest design proposal for the Town Hall.

But only in her previous breath this prescient child had also suggested "Sculpture in Town Hall Square" which matches even more exactly the ambitions of Sam Boffey whom I'd met at the Crouch End Festival Meet Your Fellow Participants meeting the previous evening. You can see from the pictures on his websitethat Sam can work on a grand scale using welding torches, bronze castings and angle grinders, but his ambition for the Festival Saturday (May 5th I think) is to work to a fairly small scale ( he held his hands quite close together when demonstrating, a sort of big Lego model size) but in really quite great numbers creating animal sculptures out of straw and clay, enough to fill the grass area outside the Town Hall with grazing animals, almost as though it were a medieval village green. I can picture this. It has a wonderful sense of the absurd about it, and picnic-ers on the grass needing to mind their step. Of course he won't be able to achieve this alone - producing things in great numbers will require some sort of sculptural production line - Sam plans to provide materials but will need the hands of volunteers to create the objects. Watch this space and the Festival website for more details.

I also spoke to Suzie Zamit a portrait sculptor who will be exhibiting at the Crouch End Open Studios  on 12th and 13th May immediately following the festival, in the Floral Hall Antique Shop on Crouch Hill. It is her bronze maquette of a gymnast cast especially for the Olympic Games which currently appears on the main page of the Open Studios website.

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