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I have received these pictures today from a disgrunted parent of the facebook page “Parents for Healthy Streets Haringey”. https://www.facebook.com/groups/300812003890593/

Pictures from Ashley  Road, N17, where barriers have been put in place to kettle children and parents of Harris Academy Tottenham, on the pavement. As such, social distancing has become impossible. Presumably this has been done to prevent lorry related deaths.

The parents and children of this school are now a victim of the council’s regeneration agenda in the area. Instead of enforcing a lorry ban at drop off and pick up times and the promised school street, they are now pushed in the way of Covid. I have written to Councillor Kirsten Hearn, and council officer Joe Baker who is the lead on school streets. I fear we won’t get a response. When is enough enough?

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An initial response from the council

I'm sorry I have nothing informative or constructive to add to this debate. But here are a couple of by-the-bys based on one of the facebook pictures

1) if the enormous dumbbell circled in purple is designed to stop motorists behaving badly, why is it parked on the pavement?

2) does the creature circled in orange indicate the thickness of Haringey's skin when faced with the very valid criticisms levelled at them?

1) The dumbbell would stop lorries from cutting the corner, so does contribute to pedestrian safety. They are pretty effective - I've seen what happened elsewhere when a lorry with double axles tried to drive over one - the massive vehicle got well and truly stuck, with the thing between the two sets of wheels! 

2) Agreed about the rhinoceros :-)

IT seems not much thought has gone into this, or not enough.

Is this more evidence of the Regeneration department dominating the council?

Regen were the supposed reason behind the deletion of the nearby, established Hale Road cycle lane, supposedly on grounds of cyclist safety (?!).


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