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Yesterday thousands of parents across the borough found out where their children were going to school in September.  If you weren't one of the lucky ones who got one of their preferred choices you may make an appeal. 

This site ACE recommended by Liz on Harringay Online sets out how you do this in easy to follow terms.  I shall be following its advice having been offered a school on the other side of Tottenham (2 miles away) when I'm 0.22 of a mile from St Aidan's and Weston Park.

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I have read the leaflet Haringey provide, which is also attached to this reply. Not only does it cover the application process but it addresses what happens if you don't get your first, or indeed any, of your choices.

I have picked up two things from it:

1) children who do not get their first choice will automatically be placed on the waiting lists of schools higher up their preferences.  What it actually says is "If your child has been refused a place at a school that was listed higher on your application form than the one you have been offered, your child’s name will automatically be placed on the waiting list"

I guess there is then some mechanism for informing parents of movements on the various lists (you might be on 6 lists if you are not offered any of your choices?). If this is true it saves disappointed parents a lot of admin.

2) Appealing is almost certainly a waste of time - in 2010 only 8 were granted out of 74 registered, and that was a good year for appellants.   


I was wondering what the school place situation is this year?

It's just less than a week since the letters went out. The LibDems seem to be silent on the subject, and there is nothing yet in the Ham and High or the Haringey Independent (online anyway). Perhaps it has all worked perfectly.

Hi crouchendcupcake, please contact councillor Katherine Reece (LibDem), she is very proactive and I am sure she will help you with your issue.

We also did not get into a good school in Muswell Hill and got one allocated in Tottenham. We refused and our son is now going to an independent school. I should have contacted my councillor and I very much regret it.

I also think Weston park has a bulge class this year. Please don't despair, accept the place in Tottenham and keep pestering the education department at Haringey (I know it is like trying to contact the Prime Minister, but please do persevere). There is movement, we are now 3rd on the waiting list for our local school.

This situation is ridiculous and the council needs to find a permanent solution.


Actually the redoubtable Crouchendcupcake started this item TWO  years ago, and so far as I recall, in the end got a place ok. I revived the item by posting to it, rather than starting a new one, to ask how things were going this year (2013) it was lazy of me, and I am sorry for any confusion caused. Maybe a new item is needed. When was your problem which led to you going down the independent route?

Hi David. Thanks for pointing that out, silly me. My problem was last year, my son is in Reception now. I don't really want to sound difficult. Bit they allocated us a failing school in Tottenham and I felt I could not do that to my child.

Things must be better this year (they have created a few bulge classes at several schools) as I have not heard anything at all.

My son is still on the waiting list of our local school (hugely oversubscribed), I have tried to contact the education department a few times but no luck.

I am still very annoyed, but I guess this is Haringey for you...
Do you keep in contact with the Head teacher of your local school? They are a better source of info on how the waiting lists are progressing and whether any vacancies are likely. There is more movement than you'd think my y1 child's class has had at least 4 new people since they started.

The various expansions and bulge classes are now going to cause a problem at secondary level as they work their way through. The catchment area at Highgate Wood is already shrinking and that is before the first 4 form Y6 at Coleridge has moved up into secondary which will happen in the 2014/15 school year. Already people who are firmly in Crouch End aren't getting in. Lack of planning at all stages as usual.
Hi Betty, just today I finally managed to speak to Haringey education department. Unfortunately we have moved DOWN the waiting list rather than up. Very annoying, I guess we will have to continue to go private and then hope that the money will last for secondary school as well (since at this rate we won't get into any secondary school either).

Honestly, after having paid taxes in this country for 15 years and never used many of their services (we use private health services, my other child has always been at private school etc), I thought that at least we would get one into a good state school. The only consolation is that the independent school is really, really amazing, so the money is not wasted on a mediocre school. 19 children and 3 teachers per class, two qualified and one assistant plus separate reading teacher (I guess from this you will understand which one it is) .

But still, it annoys me.


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