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Sample answers to the Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust questionnaire

This is a link to the questionnaire

My advice remains - don't be taken in by it. http://opn8.co.uk/HTH_dont_panic

As HTHCT says in its intro to the questions "Haringey Council is going to be carrying out a major procurement process to find a developer/operator . . " There is no consultation - the decision has been taken.

Some suggestions

Q1.What is your aspiration for community use and access at Hornsey Town Hall?

Please tell us overall how you imagine being able to use and access the town hall in the future?

Just as it is being used now. The whole building occupied by creative local businesses generating income for themselves, for the Town Hall and for the local economy. This is a sustainable and imaginative use fo the building. Over time surpluses from the income could be used to refurbish the fabric of the building. The current occupiers have already done enough to prevent further deterioration.

Q2 What sort of uses would you like to see in the Town Hall?

It is working now -- don't throw it all away with a panic disposal to a money grubbing developer

Q3 Which of these uses can you imagine yourself / your family using?

All of them from time to time

Q4 Any other comments

This is not a consultation - it is simply an attempt to dot the i's and cross the t's on a decision which Haringey has already taken. This decision should be reversed. The reasons for it are not to regenerate the Town Hall, and thereby to improve Crouch End, but simply to allow Haringey to wash its hands of what it perceives as a problem, but which in realirty is a wonderful opportunity. Haringey has been screwing this up since 1995. Please don't let them do it again by selling a unique asset to the highest bidder.

Q10 - do you live work shop other in Crouch End

Live work shop agitate - this question needs more than one answer - these are not mutually exclusive

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In my experience Haringey Council makes up its mind on policy, puts out a consultation, listens to representation (which usually disagrees with their proposals) ignores it and then does exactly what it had planned to do in the first place. This is what happened to the consultation earlier this year regarding the closures of the day care centres for those with altzheimers and autism. They went through the charade of a consultation and ignored the pleas of specialists and carers at two council meetings - slapping each other on the back, as the vote to close the centres, was announced. Not even any crocodile tears were shed.

The Council's apathy and incompetence knows no bounds when it comes to Hornsey Town Hall. How long has it been moth-balled and allowed to slowly disintegrate internally when any half go-ahead council would have made it a centre and hub for the arts in the community. Dear God, we can't walk down the street without tripping over an artist, actor, musician, film / TV director in Crouch End. Thank goodness there is a dynamic team of creatives doing something useful with the place currently. (I will be attending my 3rd swing dance event there tonight.) 

As soon as the council can hive this off to the highest bidder, though, all that will stop. 

And what about the green in front of Hornsey Town Hall? Nothing has changed in 40 years. But that's Haringey Council for you - and we are stuck with them.

(Perhaps I should get off the fence and say what I think.)


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