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Ruling-Group Crouch End Councillors vow to hold Council to account!

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THE Crouch End Councillors—all Members of the Ruling Labour Group,

“… remain committed to holding … the council to account.”

This, in yesterday's Ham&High Broadway (Thursday, 4 May; attached and above screen shot).

The three Councillors “welcome” the partnership with FEC (i.e. sale to FEC)—as though they are in receipt of a decision—but do not mention that as Ward Councillors, they are the ones with a central role in causing and agreeing the sale to FEC/Coplan.

These characters are not part of the Opposition: they're the ones in power!

One of their number even includes a Cabinet Member who:

(a)  voted to flog off our Town Hall to the Cayman Islands-domiciled company in the first place; and

(b)  believes in severe restrictions on the ability of (Labour) Councillors to hold the Council to account; and

(c)  supports punishing 10 of his Labour colleagues who dared to Call-in the HDV Cabinet decision and several of whom had earlier dared to Call-in the Cabinet decision to sell off the Hornsey Town Hall.

If this is not cynical I don't know what would be. Labour values?

For brazen spin and chutzpah, this surely takes the biscuit.

Still less, do they note the status of their Labour Group colleague Cllr. Adam Jogee (Hornsey Ward), who works as a Consultant for property-PR firm, Terrapin Communications Ltd.

One of Terrapin's clients is or was FEC-partner Coplan Estates.

For some reason the name of their current- or former-client has been removed from the web-page list of Terrapin's clients. I can't imagine why.

The unnamed writer of “View from the Chamber” notes residents’ volume of interest—and—on the doorstep, we hear time and again from Crouch Enders keen to share their aspirations. 

One can only imagine the character of the reception the hapless trio have had while out canvassing, on those doorsteps.

Clive Carter

Highgate Ward Councillor
Liberal Democrat Party

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Yeah, yeah , yeah, more of the same. This piece is nearly all copy and paste from promises made over many months, most of which are still just that, promises. The much vaunted website is largely a rehash of the same press releases.

It is true that the Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society has been to a meeting with FEC and say

There is as yet

  • no convincing vision to the Arts Centre,
  • no flesh on the community use and access element,
  • no solidity around financial sustainability,
  • only suggestions that the workspaces – 70-odd small businesses, remember – would be rehoused somewhere.

The Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust had a meeting with FEC but no news yet of the mid-April meeting with Haringey's planners.

I suspect the next the public will hear may very well be the fait accompli of planning permission granted for whatever it is FEC wants.

And as for holding the council to account, Jason Arthur knows damn well it can't be done because of the draconian discipline the Haringey Labour  leadership holds over its...

And I will never forgive Sarah Elliott for her defection

FRESH coverage in yesterday's Ham and High (PDF attached, below):

p.20—Article Town hall is cultural battle for everyone —'View from the Street' by David Winskill

p.22—Letter, Bare-faced cheek of councillors over the town hall—Luke Harrison (Briston Grove N8)



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