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I'm very much looking forward to this morning's nuptials, I must say. It's events like this, as I watch the crowds of flag waving well-wishers on the Mall, that pull the country together and make me feel proud to be British! There does seem to be a deafening silence surrounding it here on OpinioN8 though....not everybody here in Crouchie can be a lefty killjoy, surely?? A few afternoon sherberts are beckoning I reckon....bring it on!!

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There does seem to be a deafening silence surrounding it here on OpinioN8 though

Julian: if you're looking for comment on the Royal Wedding, I understand that one or two of the national newspapers have devoted some space to cover the RW in today's editions (and possibly tomorrow's). I wish the couple well in their marriage, but no more than any other newly weds ...

Well that was delightful. Wills looked very dashing in his military red (Diana would be so proud) and Kate, or Catherine as she will henceforth be known in this parish, was exquisite. I like a girl with a bit more meat on her bones myself but no doubt popping out an heir and a spare will soon fatten her up. All in all a lovely day and a splendid start to a long weekend!

I particularly enjoyed the kiss on the balcony. She, a commoner, unaccustomed as she is to appearing in public, shrugged her shoulders and laughed. He the seasoned royal, trained from birth to adorn some dais or another, blushed like a beetroot.

A very great many people do seem to have taken a very great deal of vicarious pleasure in the wedding, and have revelled in the pomp and circumstance.

 Apparently NBC mistook the King of Tonga (who was invited) for Mohammed al Fayed (who was not!

We had a great day yesterday - we went to the Right Royal Knees Up at Weston Park school. Lots of fun - champagne, scones, loads of entertainment for the children and plenty of oohs and aahs at the royal spectacle. 

I'm a bit baffled by the seeming disinterest - a lot of the comment being "we don't know them so why should we care". I suppose just in the way that you get involved in books, films, theatre productions, footballers, celebrities...some of it is fiction and most of us don't know them but we're still interested because we're human.  Of course lots of the disinterest is anti-monarchist statement but after yesterday's show I might actually become a royalist. Was particularly chuffed to see the royal fly over.

I haven't noticed much disinterest. The local twitterati refrained from adverse comment in the main. And a million people from all over Britain, and Europe and America, turned up in London for the event. For every one that turned up how many more were interested - 10, 50 ,100. 

For myself I went for a run at about 9:30 not minding too much if I missed bits. But I was sucked in, enjoyed every minute. No need to be a Royalist to do a cost benefit analysis on the Civil List or whatever its called now.

There's been a great deal of interest in the RW and the international media coverage has been amazing.

One can only wish the couple well, especially in view of the chequered recent history of royal marriages. The Bishop of Willesden (the Rt Rev Peter Broadbent) got into hot water over gratuitous remarks about an ensuing royal divorce being about seven years away. Even if he should have kept quiet, I think we can all recognize the background that affected his thoughts on the matter.

I meant local disinterest.  Compared to the fever of the rest of the country it has been rather muted.
It did miff me somewhat that the local response yesterday was so muted, I was hoping that Crouchie would have been awash with celebratory good cheer. Why do you think this was the case? One would think that in these so-called 'grim times' people would be grateful for any little thing even vaguely upbeat.
It's just not that sort of place Julian.  There were a couple of street parties and a party at our local school but I don't think Crouch Enders go in for that sort of royalist mania.  I dare say people enjoyed it in their own quiet way.
A hunting horn should be blown otherwise one might as well not bother, that's why I say!
Again, it's just not that sort of place. Do you actually live in Crouch End?! 
I was being metaphorical about the hunting horn by the way!!


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