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Dear Muswell Hill/Crouch End Ward Councillors,


I am pleased to inform you that our on line ordering module is now live on the Haringey website. This enables our residents to be able to order first resident permits without submitting a postal application or visiting a Customer Service Centre.


I have attached the link below for ease of reference:


Resident Parking Permit First Time Applications: Haringey Council


We will also be informing  residents in those  roads that are joining the Crouch End and Stroud Green CPZs, via a letter drop on 16th and 17th November, that this on-line option is now available to them.  


To date we have received 115 permit applications and these are currently being processed ready for delivery prior to 30thNovember.




Gary Weston

Parking Infrastructure Manager

Traffic Management - Single Frontline

London Borough of Haringey

River Park House

Wood Green

N22 8HQ


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@OpinionN8 Another rip off, money-grabbing 'environmental improvement' from Haringey Council. Try fixing the pavements on my road instead.


OpinioN8 has received the following update via Cllr Lyn Weber  (Independent for Crouch End) (m) 07814 238 100 Tel: 0208 348 9796    . If you have neighbours without computer access then the facilities available at libraries may be of interest to them.


The Traffic Management Service (formerly Parking Services) have over the last 9 months been working on a major upgrade to IT systems that they use to process resident permits.


I am pleased to inform you that a number of on-line options are now available on the Haringey website for residents to use.


Traffic Management are mindful that not all residents will have direct access to internet and are also encouraging residents (in partnership with our Library service) to make use of the free public web access available at all library locations throughout the Borough.


Resident’s can still obtain permits via postal applications (with payment by cheque) and can also visit a Customer Service Centre (with payment by debit/credit card only). However, residents should be made aware that at busy times they may have to wait longer than normal to be served at a Customer Service Centre.


Since go live in May 2011, 4150 resident permit renewals have been completed on-line. Traffic Management now send out renewal letters five weeks prior to expiry of a current permit. The renewal letter fully explains how to go about using the on-line option.


The link below takes you direct to the renewals page of the Haringey website:


Resident Parking Permit Renewal: Haringey Council


Residents will need to have their applicant ID and serial number of the last voucher number purchased in order to complete the on-line process. We recognise that many residents will not have this information to hand and Traffic Management have therefore set up an email address, so that residents can make contact and obtain the necessary information. Residents should send their personal details to:




Resident’s who email into the above address will then receive the required information to complete the on-line process. 




Residents who have previously purchased resident visitor permits can now also order further resident visitor permits on line by using the link below:


Residents and Visitors Parking Permits: Haringey Council



The latest  Module that has recently gone live, now enables residents new to the Borough or existing residents needing a resident permit for the first time  to order and pay for that permit on-line.


Traffic Management is working with Customers Services to actively promote this latest on-line service (and library internet access where applicable) to new resident’s registering for Council tax for the first time.  The link below takes you direct to the relevant page of the Haringey Website:


Resident Parking Permit First Time Applications: Haringey Council


Once an application has been made, Traffic Management will verify the application and ensure that a permit can be correctly issued. Traffic Management aim to complete this verification process inside of five working days.


If you or any resident need help or advice with any aspect of these on-line options, please contact our permit team on 0208 489 1360/ 4568.   



DATA PROTECTION: Whilst I will treat as confidential any personal information you pass on, I will allow authorised staff to see the information if this is needed to help and advise you and may pass all or some of this information to agencies such as the DSS, Inland Revenue or the local council if this is necessary to help your case. I may wish to write to you from time to time to keep you informed on related issues that you may find of interest. Please let me know if you do not wish to be contacted in this way.


If you are short of apostrophes please feel free to help yourself to the superfluous ones above.


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