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That's a great pity. 

Why is it a pity? If the people now running the business are inept and unable to negotiate a deal with NHS property services it is surely only right that the business should move elsewhere and this is a good thing.

I can see it would be a nuisance for a great many people who simply walk over from the GP to the counter to get a prescription made up, or those living nearby who call in to collect repeats.

But if NHS Property as guardians of a public asset are insisting on a decent return on what is clearly a prime retail position, then surely we should be pleased.

We don't really know the circumstances. It might be that the NHS now wants to free up the space for a different purpose. If it was down to the existing franchisee being inept, then it could continue as a pharmacy with a new franchisee. This doesn't seem to be the case. 

I have more information. When this pharmacy first opened it was run by a consortium of Crouch End pharmacies, the idea being that this out of town pharmacy might otherwise steal all their business , so let them all join in what profits it made. Gradually they dropped out until only Petter's were left. And now they've gone. Apparently the place doesn't make much money.


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